BUG: Game exits and world wont reload after giving myself items from the console

  • Hi

    Tried a search to see if it's already listed, but wasn't sure what keywords to use and didn't find anything related.

    Anyways, if I give myself anything from the console using (item 72 64) it says successfull then 2 seconds later exits the game. The world won't reload after this. Happened on 4 different worlds, some creative and some survival.

  • the name is like block, ramp, stair1, stair2, cylinder, etc.
    Planks do not have access to all the wood textures, and none of them are the woodplank blocks.

    There is a way to fix it, but you will have to search for the thread on the forums for the specifics.
    It involves opening your save game in SQLite browser and deleting the item from your character's inventory.

    This is why I usually just spawn Logs or Stone and just craft the desired item.
    item treelog 32
    item ore 64 3

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