[Arcticu] Various Server Issues to note

  • [Arcticu] Various Server Issues to note

    I had a nice smooth session, yet a few happenings happened that I have to now note them here in this posting in hopes we can squash them to make Rising World as smooth as I know it.


    1) When harvesting apples (a line of trees) from Daboiye's tree farm I somehow managed to cut down an apple tree in 1 hit, just from harvesting an apple. We stood there stumped as to how that happened as it felt more of a 'creative' thing, not a survival side of things. (First image below)

    2) Both me and Minotaur fell through the world that he had to hit F2 twice to not die two different times. Him first, then me within a span of 2 minutes. It then happened to me shortly after, assuming he dug right under me that the chunk failed to solidify quickly enough for the both of us that it forced us to fall through the ground. We were 'cheat' digging stone in the same cave to set up a new mining spot near the spawn base.

    3) I somehow managed to turn a log ID 90 beam into a plank that it's both hilarious & silly that it happened. All I was doing was quick placing it heading upwards while using stage 2 setting on the grid to place it on the horizontal log. (second image below)

    4) Planks & Beams protesting so much that it tried haunting me 4 seperate times this session with various visual bugs and errors.
    4.1) First one was the flooring I knocked down, yet was unable to place plank back in until a exiting to menu & back.
    4.2) Second one is the third image below being all pointy & triangular.
    4.3) Third silly plank glitch being the 4th image below next to my railings.
    4.4) Must have been another one somewhere I noted, yet forgot about earlier, yet it was after the flooring & before the 4.2 issue.


    That seems to be it.
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  • I forgot to note two more

    1) When you Click-dump items into crates in pages 2-4 (also for chests) it sometimes goes back to page one that you have to move them back to page 2-4. All those ores you get from digging, and such.

    2) Floor lamps should be able to be picked up because they're small enough. This should apply to any electrical appliance. I'm aware that ceiling lights are intended to be placed once to be broken because of future plans for electricity, and such. Furniture related lighting should be able to be picked up though.... The things like floor lamps, desk lamp, and normal lamp should be picked up.
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