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  • I know you are busy sir, but since I'm catering more to the survival type of game play, I would highly suggest creating 3 Grade Pad Locks into the game. Also Lock picks 3 grades...

    1st Level Pad Lock and Lock Pick made from Chopper Plates + Rods

    2nd level Pad lock and Lock pick made from Silver Plates + Rods

    3rd level Pad lock and lock pick made from Gold Plates + Rods

    Basically you can use the locks to lock your front Door/Gates from other people, even on chest.

    So with lock picks, you cannot pick a Gold level 3 lock with a level 1 or 2, won't work, But you can pick a level 1,2, and 3 locks with a Level 3 Gold lock pick.

    Also I know Mithril is not used for really anything right now, how about make that a Level 4 hard to open lock pad, and lock pick. This would work wonders on my PvP server.

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