Is it possible to play completly offline?

  • I have this game in my wishlist since a bit of time and I am wondering if it worths to be bought rioght now or just pruned from my wishlist.

    I read that, on Steam, it requires a Broadband Internet connection, so I am wondering if it is an always connected to a remote server game, even in Single Player mode, like Elite Dangerous or there is a true standalone mode.

    I read in the Steam forums about the standalone version, but it seems just done for people who does not want to be logged in Steam and worse, network is not mentioned in the official requirements webpage , does it means that if I buy the standalone version may I play completly offline?

    Due to the fact that the game is in EA stage, if I buy the standalone version, that is I buy it from the official website, how the game is updated?

  • Thanks for the reply.

    Anyway I have bought it on the official website.

    I have just tested the Single Player mode, everytime I run the game, it asks my JIW-Games accountname and password, so I am pretty confident that, even just for just a check that I have an active license, it connects to the Internet, anyway it seems running fine until right now.

  • If you want to play offline with the steam version, do the following.
    1) download and install the game
    2) disconnect/turn off your wifi or internet connection to your computer
    3) if you have not already started steam, start it (it will be offline mode)
    4) Start the game
    5) Once you get to the game menu, you can reconnect/turn on wifi if you want to, but it will not connect the game to the net
    6) Will have access to the single player stand alone game
    7) Play the hell out of it :)

    This is how I do it at work during lunch so I can play during my lunch break

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