[Modding\Vanilla] RPG NPC Elements

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    • [Modding\Vanilla] RPG NPC Elements

      I know I keep asking a lot out of Red51 & this game, yet it's just the type of game this is that I'm constantly asking so much out of it. I"m sorry, Red51, just that RW is an awesome game. Rising World is a game that's showing promise & potential to 1-up & out do Minecraft in many areas that it goes without saying that we also become 'needy' & 'demanding' for certain features because of how capable Rising World is.

      - The Suggestion:

      Will it be possible, in any capacity, to have NPCs (vanilla, plugin, & modded) to be able to harness the EXP & leveling system found in traditional (J)RPG games, or is that too much to ask. Basically having NPCs spawned in with a leveling system (Levle 1 to 150, and beyond), or if it'll be level-less where everything is simplistic.

      - Expanded Thought:

      I ask this as a suggestion because it would open up a way for NPCs to level up the Pokemon, KanColle, and any other game with leveling systems into the Rising World universe to have fun with. If we're allowed to use Pokemon in Rising World we would be able to level them up, and similar with my Japanese ship game called 'Kantai Collection'. I would love for there to be a way to craft NPCs into existence with custom recipes, spawn them into existence, to level them up to fight custom enemies, to then unlock certain abilities having leveled up.

      So basically, I'm asking if we can implement a leveling & EXP system to the (custom) NPCs to unlock certain abilities & such to make use of in Rising World's environment. Basically something similar to RPG Maker, but in Rising World where you can set up the world however you want them to.

      [Note: I'm not asking of this now; For when Rising World is genuinely ready to add in NPC via an NPC API thing where we can fiddle with the settings then.]
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