DISCORD I guess you get what you pay for?

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Hello All,

    I used, and use to use, and still do use steam chat, and Team Speak. Then everyone tells me to use Discord it will be fun they say, it is what all the cool kids are using. :D It is free!!!! Yep it is all that is true but......

    I wiped my computer and phone at the same time and now I cannot get back into my account.
    I can log into it but I have two step verification on my account. When I try to use the codes I printed out they do not work
    I cannot use two-step verification on the phone because it does not have the account registered to it.

    I can log into discord through my browser on my laptop and when I try to turn off the two-step verification, it says I cannot until I claim the account. When I try to claim the account it says it is already claimed. ?(

    My accounts are there on the laptop so I do not want to mess with with the laptop too much.
    Once I disable two-step verification hopefully I can clean this whole mess up. ?(?(

    I looked at Tech support with discord and it is pretty much to bad so sad......

    Well they do have a topic for this sorta, but it is more for re sending a verification email 365 people out of 1300 some found it useful so.....

    I was reading through this and I guess it sounded more like a rant ( which it kinda is) than asking for help, which I am asking for help to get my account back.

    I would like to threaten to say I never will use discord again :( but that is spitting in the wind since everyone here is using it. :P

    So if anyone has any words of wisdom please cast them forth.... :D

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