Lost Soul

  • Hello,

    So I have a player that cannot remember his area, I can find it in the data base using DB browser lite. The only problem is I do not know which number to TP him to using Rcon. I know I can use the TP system in AP, but only if I am on the server. Because of the time difference that is hard to do. The attachment is what I see, plus other numbers. Please advise

  • use db browser and change his spawn point to his area cords you could also use /arealist to find out the area number of the property so you can tp there and get exact elevation too. use f3 first line, the numbers are the cords. Make Shure the server is shut down when you edit the data base.

  • Thank you for your input but I am afraid I did not make myself clear.
    The rows on DB browser do not tell me which row does what.
    Since I am not on the server and I am using Rcon to TP him I can TP to 20 some different points on the map.
    and since I do not allow newbies to have Fly he would get stuck.

    I guess I should of phrase my question more along the lines of which row does what?
    The area is a big cube so the should only be eight points but it seems there is more and I am not sure what they do.

  • double f2 will bring you to the surface if you get stuck in a fall from appearing under ground after a tp. not just f2 which is fly mode. hit f2 2 times real fast. If you get stuck in a repeating fall then spam f2 then real quick log out. then log back in and while the picture resolves spam f2 and it should catch this time and you will end up on the surface. only works in survival mode with flying disabled. This prevents falling to hell and dying. Does not work with blocks just land material. Blocks you have to dig your way out with a pick. When teleporting people around it is best if you have them appear slightly above land lvl. it helps prevent fall through.

    Ok in db browser you click on file and open your data base. Then click on browse data tab. Then the drop down by table pick player. The position field in the box below is the coordinates.

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