• i grounded the boys and need to be able to prevent them from playing games on computer but not lock them out of the computer
    because i home school them and they have homework...... how can I prevent games from loading or put locks on games like
    this one and tanki online ......

    please i am desperate gotta figure this out im not always home and they will and are playing the games even though they r grounded arghhhhh

  • for a start add a password to the admin account on the computer and of course don't tell them the password :D

    then install the games on the admin account only and create a second account for them to do their homework, kinda like a guest account but with a few more privileges for them to be able to open an internet browser if they need it or word/excel/powerpoint/etc.

    Another solution is to block all games using an antivirus so that they require admin password to launch. Again they would need to be on a non admin account to prevent them from playing.

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