when people log onto my server and the game loads to 10 percent and stops

  • Sorry for the late response! If the game gets stuck at 10 percent (when connecting to a mp server), this means the connection to the server was successful, but the client doesn't receive the world data. This can happen if there is either a high load on the server (and the server can't keep up with sending world data), or if another error occurs while loading/sending the data. In this case, a serverlog would be helpful ;)

    If it only happens for individual clients, this could also be caused by a broken player position (somewhere far below hell) or by corrupted player data (in this case, you can delete the player data with the command deleteplayer name).
    If the client cannot connect to other servers, it's likely that this issue is caused by his internet connection (or another program interfers with the connection, e.g. a firewall or an antivirus program)
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