Getting down to hell.

  • Ok, I'm a Rising World miner, local 555.

    As I'm on my journey to reach hell, I seem to find myself more and more running into caves that just make my job easier, then more dungeons, which it seems after I've seen 4 to 5 they all seem the same with about the same weapons, armor, loot, etc. I thought it would be a bit more hard to reach hell. Did I just pick the right areas to dig? I'm not quite sure how I would have found any of these dungeons any other way. I had no idea dungeons would be down at -628.

    I intend on making videos of Rising World, but my addiction to mine has taken over.
    And down this low, Mithril and Sulfur is just everywhere. I think I left this deposit there, ha ha. Already got a full stack earlier.

  • Did I just pick the right areas to dig?

    nah not really, in newer worlds (i.e. worlds generated after the dungeon update), dungeons are everywhere underground so in a trip to hell you are bound to hit at least 1-2 of them. Well that is if you don't dig straight downwards though, then depending on your position you might miss them :P

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