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    Perhaps this has been asked/answered before... We we still be able to access our previous builds with the new update?
    I was planning on doing a major build, actually planned it out with graph paper, etc.
    I don't want to put in hours of work only to not be able to complete it, nor access to it ever.

    Is the Java version the one I'm running now with Win 10 through Steam? This is the part I'm not understanding.
    Anyway to install a Steam version that will never update?
    Yet still be able to get the new updated version when you release it?

    I figured out my own solution.

    1920x1080 is 16:9 scale. (16 across, 9 down)
    Turn on Grid to resize.
    Unfortunately 9 doesn't play well with the Grid, as it will center itself every time no matter the size of the grid.
    The grid loves 16, as you can see. Easily alignment with the grid.

    Perhaps better clarification is in order. Allow the poster to be reset to default image scale, and have a check box to lock scale when resizing as an option.
    Do I have this posted in the wrong section?

    CURRENT RENDERER: GeForce GTX 970M/PCIe/SSE2 (NVIDIA Corporation) 4.6.0 NVIDIA 397.64

    From your log file, it shows an outdated driver.
    At the time of your original post, you had the most current version, now it's been updated twice over.

    The updated driver is 398.11

    Is there a way to make posters size to a new image? The G image (green/blue is 640x640), and the blue/white one is well... 1920x1080. I know how to do it manually with the right shift, but it's not entirely accurate. Is there a way to make them snap to what the actual image is, and not to what was lasted used for sizing? These images were not resized, rather the last poster I did was for a chess piece that I did resize. I'm thinking there is something really simple that I am over looking at getting the correct size right the first time.

    Thank you. :)

    A few days ago I remember seeing a new update about to start, but it didn't then I started building a makeshift railroad track.
    Had questions on how to get it aligned, got clarification went back in to align the blueprint to the existing track made from previous blueprints.
    Got it aligned, but the track did go into the ground where you see it dug out, and then I signed out.
    The track on the right is the blueprint correct track, the one on the left is the magically suspended 1/2 of the last blueprint used.
    Got back into the game just now and found this, and my sledgehammer is missing. I've looked in all of the chests where I would actually keep tools.
    I know the sledgehammer was on me, as it usually always is.
    Not upset, actually I find it quite funny.
    Not sure if anyone else has experienced this.

    It's like some troll went in the game took the sledgehammer, and took out part of the track from the ground. All the rest of my tools were on me.

    Challenges can vary depending upon the person. I'm glad this game allows every walk of life the ability to play this game they want to. I see this game in a whole different light. It's a blank canvas, and I must fill it with things. The ability to be really creative in this game is really amazing. I've been dabbling with the creative mode, and although I don't like it, I would not be able to get things accomplished if I didn't use it. In a way I have created myself more work in some areas using Creative Mode for landscaping that I have to fix by hand to make it look half way decent again. I would literally have had to spend a good 6 real hours for what I did in 2 minutes. I work full time with overtime and I just don't have the time to game.

    I have multiple worlds going though. Haven't quite figured out if I like or dislike the Surreal world type yet.

    Ok, how do I align the blueprint? Trying to build a railroad. Surprisingly I have the spacing exactly the way I want it the first time. The size is about 2 or 3 dollar bills end to end, but the focus point is in the center. Can't figure out how to make the focal point be at the end where I would join together another section. I've already ruined one placement and it doubled itself up half way into the track already placed and things are now doubled. I've tried flying to get a better perspective. I can't get the one end to join to the other end.

    the thing is the movement is not locked to the grid atm either. It is locked to the global xyz axes.

    Perhaps adding B&C axis's. In milling/machining some use other letters like D & Z.
    Here is a quick video of a 5 axis milling machine (not mine)

    I was going to suggest the same, but this is greater detail.

    Right now I don't know of a why to smooth out the ground to any degree, say a 1% or 5% incline. What I would want to to do is this:

    • Block A is at 1 block height.
    • Block B is at a 3 block height.
    • Block A & B are 30 blocks apart.
    • Grade that area smooth from block A to block B, and have the option to place objects in that defined area to that grade.

    I was going to build something, then soon realized, that it's not possible due to the mechanics of how the game is at it's current state. And as I typed this out, I realize how complex this might get, so I'm going to build it anyway to show you what I mean. Even if I was to just define a 30 block x 30 block area to make it where it wasn't affected by the xyz axis, I could deal with that. Even if you just changed the rake up/down terraforming to 1/8th (I would love if it was 1/16th) block size, that would be awesome. If I have to spend 30 days terraforming what I want, I'll do it, but right now the ability isn't possible.

    I'm really hoping that any changes such as monsters brought into the game, that attacking can be still be turned off. I see this as an awesome building game. I know there are people calling for this to be a true survival game, but that side of this game does not interest me in the slightest. I love exploring the caves and finding the dungeons.

    Are there any blueprint limitations? I'm planning on a massive build and would love to share it once I'm done. I'm talking something near 100,000 square blocks (the actual blocks you build with). If we assumed a 1 block is 1 foot, then 100,000 square feet. I've thought of this type of project for years, and after finding a massive wide open area of land in my world, I realized this is the software I can build this in. My hope is to share this with others.

    Any limitations with how many items are in it?
    Any limitations with depth, like having a basement?

    I watched Safety Meeting's video on the basics, but this will be massively larger, possibly going underground for 1 level as well.
    I plan on using posters in this build and hopes they would stay with the blueprint. Will they?