Set up a server with SteamCMD [Java Version]

  • Since version, the Rising World dedicated server is only available through Steam. This means you can no longer download it from our homepage. You can either find it in your Steam lib under "Tools", or download it with SteamCMD - a small command line tool which allows you to download various Steam applications. It's not required to have Steam installed in order to run the server, so SteamCMD is sufficient. You find more information about SteamCMD here:

    The app id of the dedicated server is 339010. Anonymous login is supported by the server, so you don't need an account to download the files. When downloading the server, it's recommendable to set an install dir for it.

    On Linux, for example, the whole command to download the server could look like this: ./ +force_install_dir /home/steam/risingworldserver +login anonymous +app_update 339010 validate +quit

    This command can also be used to update the server. It checks if a new update is available and downloads it accordingly. Once the download is finished, it validates the files (i.e. checks if any files are missing or corrupted).

    To start the server, it's recommendable use one of the start scripts which can be found in the server directory. If you're running the server on Linux and want to use your own start script, make sure to set the "LD_LIBRARY_PATH" environment variable to the "linux64" folder in your server directory (check out our start scripts to see how to do that).

    To find more information about setting up a server, please see this thread: Dedicated Server Setup

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