War Robot VR: First Strike

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    • War Robot VR: First Strike

      I'm wanting to show you something that's been done so awesomely, yet undone by something silly. It's awesome, yet treated so strangly that it leaves a horrible "aftertaste" lingering that this is not how you want things to go. The game is called 'War Robot VR: First Strike' that it's a VR 'tech demo' trying to hype you up to the point of playing a crappy mobile game. Maybe the mobile game is awesome, just that I find them lazy because that's the easy way out into making games. The controls for the game feel perfectly weighted and solid that you look around with your headset that it has some delay (weighted) for mecha simulation purposes. You aim by looking in that direction to then use the left and right trigger to fire weapons.

      - Homepage: pixonic.com/en/games/war-robots-vr
      - Steam Page: store.steampowered.com/app/672…r_Robots_VR_The_Skirmish/
      - Kickstarter: kickstarter.com/projects/pixonic/war-robots-vr

      The game is only about 5-7 minutes long that I would love an actual proper mecha game out of this. THIS is how you make a VR game where you actually feel like you're there while making high enough use of the VR devices. THIS is a good way to make VR games, just not the cheap tactic of using it to sell "crappy" (subjective) mobile games that you'd leave the VR community alienated and insulted that they're then forced to (re)play 5-7 minutes of a demo, something I've shown in my video above.

      The developers wanted to use 'Kickstarter' to fund the multiplayer side of things, yet failed because they slacked on posting updates + didn't really do much. They expected to be magically funded that they should have instead used Patreon for the sleeper funders to have the game funded. We (gamers) want this sort of detailed game, just that someone experienced has to tackle this type of field..... How I wish we'll have a Mech Warrior and Gundam VR game........ I'm both happy and frustratingly pissed off about this whole demo because it's perfect, yet needs to be expanded so much..... This is what VR is capable of, and much MUCH more (view VRChat for more).
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