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  • I"ll keep this one short that I'll get straight to the point. New games & articles to and for VR.


    - VR is dying:

    A friend and I conversed about VR that it became heated that he unintentionally set me off showing how VR is "dead" while also refusing to listen to anything I had to say. I simply view his thoughts as ill-informed while equally ignoring what I had to say, even if he may have read & parroted what was posted. I'm the one with a VR, I know what's going on. I may be bias (maybe arrogant at times), just that I can't agree to "VR dying". Maybe stalled, but not "dying". Two following links were posted to show how VR is dying while mentioning the moronic 3D TV comparison. You can't even immerse yourself with a 3D TV as you can with a VR headset....... I smell envy and jealousy.

    - https://www.digitaltrends.com/…vr-sales-numbers-sinking/
    - https://www.statista.com/stati…-reality-users-worldwide/

    Stalled, maybe. But not "dying". Can someone influential PLEASE get in contact with Bandai-Namco so they can get off their rear ends to make a Gundam VR game for BOTH PSVR & PC Steam? It seriously and honestly is needed right now.


    - VR is Well & Alive:

    Next day over I stumbled across these two articles stating that the Steam numbers show otherwise that numbers are simply on the rise. It matches well with all the headsets being bought with how Beat Saber, VRchat, and others keep praising one another for selling headsets. It matches all the Tweets I've seen tweeted & retweeted of people buying VR headsets. The articles point out that people are also not looking at the right zone that they should be more open minded. Granted, they're pointing towards VR arcades, industry training, and such. I also view it from the perspective that people aren't looking under 'New', 'Trending', and such on Stream VR storage page. People aren't doing their research that they want to be spoon fed.

    - https://www.roadtovr.com/steam…usage/?platform=hootsuite
    - https://gamedaily.biz/article/…hMAwf2H3VwtpIAPaRGQT-fwYs

    And yes, I posted heavily in the roadtovr's blog posting because I'm frustrated with certain people. I had to agree with certain people sharing similar experiences as my own.


    - VR Games:

    More games were found on Steam that I've finally done my routine scan again, if belated. There's a nice batch to note & renote.

    - BALSA - Model Flight Simulator - https://store.steampowered.com…A_Model_Flight_Simulator/ - (Kerbal Developers; High respect)
    - Forklift SImulator 2019 - https://store.steampowered.com…/Forklift_Simulator_2019/
    - Raptor: Cretaceous Island - https://store.steampowered.com…Raptor_Cretaceous_Island/ - (Positive rating)
    - Voronium - Locust Sols - https://store.steampowered.com…80/Voronium__Locust_Sols/
    - Tin Hearts - https://store.steampowered.com/app/572540/Tin_Hearts/
    - Blade and Sorcery - https://store.steampowered.com/app/629730/Blade_and_Sorcery/ - (Highly promising)
    - Space Battle VR - https://store.steampowered.com/app/982700/Space_Battle_VR/
    - Xion - https://store.steampowered.com/app/644420/Xion/
    - Legendary Hunter VR - https://store.steampowered.com…2170/Legendary_Hunter_VR/ - (Duck hunt)

    - Titanic VR - http://www.titanichg.com/demo/ - (Demo; Desktop & VR support; Crowdfunding)

    The VR library simply keeps growing that I just can't understand other game developer's responses of a "small market". Build the right game and people shall support this "small" market. Need to be as assertive as Spicytails are with Spice & Wolf VR whom saw a void, thus trying to fill it with their own game.


    - Spice & Wolf Crowdfunding:

    Been tracking this heavily because it's one of those heavy hitter VR games that shall send ripple-effects throughout the VR market. It can't be ignored because of the amount of influence it has within and around it that it must be tracked from beginning to the time it's released, and beyond with the amount of weight it holds within the Japanese market, as well as outside of it. I'm hoping once this is successfully crowd funded that "skittish" and "lazy" game developers/studios/publishers shall once again see value in VR which shall once again encourage them to make proper AAA VR games. People do care, just make the right game.

    I'm also viewing this so importantly because if VR is more accepted in the mainstream that Red51 shall have an easier time with VR on his end for Rising World VR.... Whatever his vision, I'm hoping it'll be for the best that it shall lead into "gesture" VR, not 'Minecraft VR' VR type movements. Superhot VR is an example for 'gesture' VR, as with VRchat.



    目標金額は8,000,000円; 974 backers

    23,538, 810 Yen to $207,685.27 USD



    CA$ 149,077 pledged of CA$ 93,135 goal; 482 people

    I consider this successful because people also love the concept of seeing Holo in VR that they want to support it. Build the right thing and people shall come swarming. Spice & Wolf VR could probably be counted as almost a AAA game, if short because it's still indie side of things. Also, I hate the developer mentality that they won't add VR support when they view the market as "small"...... Just do it....... If you see a void please just fill it in the best you can with how other developers have quietly been doing with Slime Rancher, Scanner Sombre, among others. Nothing shall grow if you don't add to it.......

  • - PSVR - General Thoughts:

    I forgot to post things about PSVR because I don't have it. I'm however checking it out now that PSVR is something one shouldn't ignore either. There's a genuine market out there that one should respect it through-and-through because their sale numbers are between $3-4 million that you have to respect that. It's growing, or so noted on graphs.

    - https://www.engadget.com/2018/…ony-psvr-sales-3-million/
    - https://www.reddit.com/r/PSVR/…e_november_rollercoaster/

    A comment stood out that I can agree with because I'm seeing far too many developers making various excuses that the "market is small" that they won't prioritize it, or that it's hard to make profit. Maybe it is, just not in the way they're claiming. They'll still see genuine support that if nobody is supporting their game then either A) Their game is crap, or B) They didn't advertise in the appropriate manner similar to how 'War Robots VR' Kickstarter had where their Kickstarter was a bust. War Robot VR's full game kickstarter was a bust from poor advertisement. If they tried now they would succeed because are now "more aware" of their surroundings. They have to however contact appropriate VR content creators to put it out there.


    4 points·2 days ago
    Really nice to see the rebound and then some with BF though. Pushing towards that threshold where developers find it harder to use the lack of profit excuse for ignoring VR.

    You have to also thank Beat Saber for the massive push on that PSVR sales graph.


    - PSVR games of Interest

    Now, what games does PSVR have that you could find of interest? What catches my interest? Those that have * are also on PC:

    - Beat Saber*
    - SuperHot VR*
    - Batman Arkam VR
    - GT Sport VR
    - Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown
    - Star Wars Battlefront - Rogue One: X-Wing VR Mission (Could be good)
    - Arizona Sunshine*
    - Doom VFR*
    - Rec Room*
    - Eagle Flight*
    - Skyrim*
    - I Expect You To Die*
    - Megaton Rainfall*
    - Zone of Enders: 2nd Runner*
    - Firewall Zero Hour
    - Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
    - Wipeout Omega
    - Tetris Effect
    - Farpoint
    - In Death*
    - Borderlands 2*

    I'm looking at this list wondering how VR & PSVR is dead, or dying. I'm actually impressed it actually has that many games that I'm simply seeing it grow. The game I love, and hope to see on VR would be the following game. May stay as a PSVR exclusive though

    - Falcon Age:

    And let's not forget, because of my posting above, that the PSVR version of 'Spice & Wolf VR has been funded mainly by the Japanese on the Campfire crowdfunding site.

    - Spice & Wolf PSVR version:

    Well, I'm happy after seeing this that I'm tempted in purchasing PS4 for PSVR purposes. I have no more room in my room so that's a no that I'll have to go with the Switch, and that's that. I can't get a PS4 unless someone provides it to me for "press' purposes because I'm constantly researching many things. All that's missing now is a proper Gundam VR game made by Bandai-Namco.... Where's your Gundam game.... You have a VR gaming to tap into that there'll be a nice saturation effect :)

    PSVR is healthy <3

  • Sorry if it appears I'm spamming too much that I fell behind. If you guys are actually reading this, then awesome. if not, then I guess I'm just doing this for myself then so I can keep track of things. If you guys are indeed benefiting from this whole VR side of things then I'm not wasting as much time as I thought I had. Maybe I still am. Even so, I'm doing this for both myself so I can be more informed while helping those with VR here as well so we can have fun with our VR to the fullest.

    There's some more things I came across that I just had to share because of how relevant they are.


    - The 3 Most Common Arguments Against VR & Why they're Wrong:


    1) It failed before, thus it shall fail again. (Incorrect)
    2) Just like the 3DTV it shall fail (incorrect)
    3) It shall fail like Kinect with gestures (Incorrect)
    (Clarification: When I say "Incorrect" it's the trolls, not the sections.)

    You know, for #1 people don't know what "prototype" means. You constantly have to "fail" to make it eventually work, thus why we have planes & computers, and etc. It's like writing drafts for a story that each draft makes it better, or with how interation each device becomes better. Or think of it like stairs that it goes up the next step that you have something to work with from the step below. Like with the whole Sega VR, among other prototyped VR gear from the past. Nothing is going to be perfect at first that you HAVE to make it perfect. VR now has a stable market, make use of it. It's here to stay, and I see people happily and warmly accepting it... Except for the few grinchy envious idiots. You can see that VR is more affordable, more accessible, and it's becoming far more easilly accessible with Oculus Quest, Mixed Realty, & etc. Even those VR mobile headsets.

    For #2 this has to be the most frustrating thing I've experienced because even my arrogant Twitch streaming friend is saying it, and he knows nothing of VR. I own it and he hates the Switch and everything always whining about everything. They're also two different platforms that you can't interact with your scenery with 3DTVs, something you can do with VR. One is flat and stationary while the other allows you to be fully immersed in VR that THAT is the reason why VR is awesome. My friend noted how the headset and controllers take away from that experience just he knows jack s*** about what he's talking about. Just envy that I'm still wound up by his ignorant comment, as with those on Steam parroting trolls. Can you wear a 3DTV like a VR headset? No? That's the point, thus why you can high five, gesture, and dance in VRchat, among other VR games.

    For #3 the irony here is that people used Kinect to dance in VRchat. People actually used Kinect to actually dance that Kinect may have died in its native land, yet used in other formats for immersion and fun.

    If you want it to fail, it will fail; If you want something to succeed you will make it succeed, thus why it's still being worked on to this day.


    - The Elder Scrolls: Blades (Mobile & VR):

    Skyrim blade is a free game for Mobile & VR with proceduraly generated dungeons. The main hub is your own settlement and quest, the Abyss being a fight in dungeons until you're defeated, even PVP mode in both Mobile & VR side of things. They also interconnect. I'm still trying to try it out for VR that I want to playtest this just to see what Bethesda is "prototyping" to see how others can take advantage of this. It's as much for me as it is for others as well...... I'm curious. It's even for mobile VR as well as high-end VR.
    (Delayed till early 2019)

    I'm here for the VR side of things.

  • I found a new game to place onto the main recommended games :love: . If you own VR this IS a MUST play that even if you don't own VR, get a VR arcade to host it somehow. Get a VR arcade to set this up so you can play it! <3<3


    - Blade and Sorcery:

    Still youthful out of the gate, yet showing mature promise that it commands respect. It's very brutal, gory, and such that you'll be wanting to keep coming back (even if you deny it) to stab the npcs in various ways possible. The game operates in warping to a map place to then combat enemies in your desired wave format that each level shall also be eventually customizable by other players. However you want to play, that's how you play. Want to be melee, then be melee. If you want to be long range, that is your call as well. You can sneak, run, jump, kick, use magic (sorcery) and etc that this game is heavily inspired by Skyrim. The game is also highly suggestive when you get the arena for gladiator fights where the woman wear less clothing that I'd laugh if lewd mods were made.

    You can tell it's inspired by Skyrim that the developer gave you melee weapons, mages in various places, the places themselves, and etc. The styling is there. Maybe he's even inspired by 'Tales of Glory' having their own dragon as a easteregg, who knows. Coincidence, maybe. He even noted in a Youtube as 'The Baron':


    Elliot Beedham 2 days ago
    Now combine this with a game like skyrim....... I would never leave vr XD

    The Baron 2 days ago
    That's my dream. :)

    The problem is that the weapons seem "slow" and "ballooned" that you'll have issues getting a good hit that it's like hitting someone with a foam weapon. It then becomes a game of panic, scrambling to get your composure back for another attack. It becomes clunky that it sometimes becomes a weird game of Russian Roulette on if the enemy dies or not. Even so, shield battle is fun, melee battle is a blast, and even blocking attacks is awesome. This game is a blast that people even compared it to Gorn. Maybe it is, though I prefer 'Tales of Glory' because that's what I'm familiar with. I"m also trying to learn magic so I can't tell you how magic works, nor how grappling people to throw them works. More experimentation needs to be done.

    PSVR support is also being considered that I wish them the best. It's easier for people to purchase VR through PSVR that more power to those people.


    - Furious Seas (Revisited):

    Furious Seas recently updated with various updates adding Exploration mode, survival mode, and even a Galleon update for you to have with which has been fun seeing the new things they've been adding. Exploration mode as you exploring the world freely at your own whim; Survival is surviving wave of ships in waves gaining cash to buy new boats that it's now the new meat and core of the game, something the story mode was previous. It's fun! The Galleon update also allowing you to command a Galleon for combat that new ships are able to be unlocked that progression is now going to be the game's core element

    If you have VR please play Furious Seas! It's also being considered for PSVR support that you'll most likely even see it on PSVR.


    - Cyube VR - (Trello):
    I haven't played much but I am tracking the game a lot. I'm tracking the updates waiting for laser pick-ups, and similar because crouching to pick things up in a crowded play area ruins everything.

    - Trello:

    The guy is going to add some 'telekenisis' type element to pick up blocks. Awesome. He also wants to rename CyubeVR to something else, something I feel unnecessary. His cal though. Wants to add baddies, weather, snowy biome, and etc. Should be neat.


    By playing VR games you're also supporting the VR market which in turn causes a butterfly effect of helping out Rising World with plans for VR support. I do apologize to Red51 that I'm advertising other games and not Rising World, just in a very loose manner trying to support the VR market so it'll be easier for Rising World to have VR support. I do however support Rising World on the side by streaming it on Twitch that people seemed interested in it at times. :love:

  • What NOT to do for VR games:

    Having researched, studied, and tracked VR games for a year now I can tell you the basic "do's" and "don't" to VR that I can point you to a clear case of "don't" with horny games on Steam store page.

    - VR Paradise:

    I'm unsure if to keep or remove the link with it being a suggestive game, though the Steam store page is censored. I'm not embedding a video though. I'll keep it until told otherwise.... I'm posting about VR Paradise because it's a free to play game, yet it has a certain issue that should be a big no-no in the gaming industry. So, what is it doing which is making me post about it? Mobage garbage that you need to pay 20 euro (real world money) for various sexual features that it's a big "No-no" that we've learned this the hard way with Electric Art's Battlefront game with lootboxes, and such. If you want to make a game you have to make sure there's a healthy in game economy before you add in your own with transactions.

    I knew this game was going to flop that I kept an eye on it because I want to know how each game swims in the VR pool similar to how you watch fish in an aquarium. How will VR Paradise swim in an aquarium? Poorly. Why? Steep micro-transactions with no in-game economy. It's just a game meant for a quick buck for uncensored lewds that you can only gain by paying up front. What they're doing basically follows the link below:

    - Mobile games vs PC Games:
    (And a specific graph is in the attachments because I couldn't find the tweet. It was magically purged.)

    The point of that link is to show how game developers would much prefer profit over proper games that it's easier making money off mobages than it is off PC and consoles that there is a heavy bias there. Mobile games this, mobile games that. This is what VR Paradise is doing, as with other past games, such as older Assassin's Creed games, Battefront (EA), and etc. My secondary point is that you're going to find cheap garbage +18 games that don't even do what they're design for that it's just "asset flip" game garbage. Better to stick with Japanese Illusion made games, not these Steam garbage games (even though there are a few Illusion games on Steam, if censored & gutted of their lewd content needing off-site patches).


    - VR Teleporting (Don't):

    Do NOT use teleporting in VR games, unless it's for "comfort" settings. Do NOT use teleport because it makes things far more clunky that it should only be used if something actually teleportings in a game in a technological or superpower manner. When I first jumped into VRchat with teleporting it may have been necessary to use it for comfort settings. Newbies use it because they're still weak to VR motions that they have to get used to the whole VR side of things.... As we grew to use VR though I quickly snapped out of it desiring locomotion in the VRchat manner because VRchat set the standards properly. Scanner Sombre uses teleporting, even though it shouldn't, that people have been begging for proper locomotion. If you use locomotion you're showing your inexperience right out of the game that I've seen games progress leaps and bounds from December 2017 till December 2018 in that short of a time.

    Sure, it may be handy for those that get sick just that you have to train yourself. You have to grow your VR legs that you'll soon grow used to it.

    I also feel nobody is going to read this that I"m just rambling into thin air, but to those reading, do note that VR should be about free movement (locomotion), not teleporting.


    - Confirmation Bias:

    Special word for today is "confirmation bias", a term I learned from Shadiversity in a Youtube video. It may appear that I'm being positively bias towards VR that I just want to note a few things that I'm honestly trying to be neutral, yet supportive.... It's a tough thing to do when people also view your postings as "propaganda" for VR that everything you say is devalued. It's the same for anything Rising World, and etc. I want to point out that my Twitch streaming friend used this 'confirmation bias' to share how VR is "dying" with the whole 3D TV thing that he tried shoving that whole thing back at me that I'm still wound up by that. I don't forget things like that easily......

    I guess I'm also guilty of this as well because I just want VR to do well, and it's not as fragile as people make it out to be. VR is not as fragile as people make it out to be that game developers just want to make excuses at times because of the whole profit chart I shared in the attachment. Many people noted this, even in the PSVR Reddit. If you genuinely love making games you wouldn't make excuses that you would make the impossible possible. Granted, developers have to learn how to code, and etc... That part I understand. They have to get up to speed, need funding, and all that lovely jazz. Just that, when you use it as a defensive wall that's where red flags come up that your game may not be proper. It's a touchy line that one of these days a game developer may fire back at me that I'm just a loud mouthed moronic bastard....


    - Games of Interest:

    Now, here's another round of VR games for both PC & PSVR:

    - Gungraver VR - https://store.steampowered.com…snStories_Bulletproof_VR/ (PSVR & PCVR)
    - The Last Survivor: https://store.steampowered.com/app/989540/THE_LAST_SURVIVOR/
    - FlyInside Flight SImulator: https://store.steampowered.com…yInside_Flight_Simulator/
    - SUM: https://store.steampowered.com/app/899100/SUM/
    - Guns' And Stories: Bulletproof: http://thegg.net/press-release…svr-in-europe-and-the-us/
    - Shadow Legends VR: https://store.steampowered.com/app/987230/Shadow_Legend_VR/ - (Highly promising)
    - Paper Doll VR: https://store.steampowered.com/app/851050/Paper_Dolls_VR/
    - Welcome Above: https://store.steampowered.com/app/912660/Welcome_Above/
    - Odyssey VR: The Deep Space Expedition: https://store.steampowered.com…he_Deep_Space_Expedition/
    - Dinosaurus Life VR: https://store.steampowered.com…78710/Dinosaurus_Life_VR/ (Why not? More fun.)


    Alright, that's rounds certain things up that I don't want to lose that graph again, thus embedding it this time.

  • Been awhile! I have more VR games to share and I'm glad at the state we are at. Again, if someone tells you VR gaming is dying then they're brainless idiots parroting what doomsday jouranlistic sites are saying. I'm saying this because I OWN a VR headset. I'm constantly gauging my environment so I know what I"m talking about. I mean, look below in this posting :D

    If you're not finding any worthwhile VR games then you're obviously not doing research, nor are you looking.


    - Lucy with 'Virtual AI' - AI intelligence to be nudged into VR gaming

    If the Japanese anime industry would tap into this they could add all sorts of anime based games to the VR gaming roster using that AI recognizing specific things you've said. They could add ones I'm familiar with and unfamiliar with to do conversational things. There are neat characters in the anime world you'd love to talk to which this technology would make more appealing. It would be same if you could talk to Spiderman, and such. It be like playing Dragon's Dogma where the 'Pawns' in those games would recall certain paths, address you in certain ways, and such. There's personal connections and attachment to that, something games should do more often with AI.

    There also may be some repeats in the list, just sharing what's catching my interest:

    - Space Battle VR: https://store.steampowered.com/app/982700/Space_Battle_VR/
    - Starway VR: https://store.steampowered.com/app/818400/STARWAY_VR/
    - Trainer VR: https://store.steampowered.com/app/763790/TrainerVR/
    - Fun VR Farm: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1007560/Fun_VR_Farm/ (Basic experience)
    - Diesel Express VR: https://store.steampowered.com/app/651120/Diesel_Express_VR/ (Basic Experience; For beginners)
    - The Last Survivor: https://store.steampowered.com/app/989540/THE_LAST_SURVIVOR/ (Basic Experience; For beginners)
    - Pen Island VR: https://store.steampowered.com/app/535010/Pen_Island_VR/ (Mature themes, yet basic experience for beginners)
    - Kingspray Grafitti VR: https://store.steampowered.com…60/Kingspray_Graffiti_VR/
    - Child of the Wind: https://store.steampowered.com/app/490040/Child_of_the_Wind/ - (Unique & fun concept; Must try!)
    - Maze Run VR: https://store.steampowered.com/app/681550/Maze_Run_VR/ (Concept is cool, and needed. Needs enemies, and etc.)

    Out of all those I'm favouring both 'Space Battle VR' and 'Child of the Wind'. They're both fun concepts with the first needing to have been done, and I'm glad it fills in the space void nicely. Sure, Elite Dangerous has done it, yet another one to fill in the void was necessary on its own. I have yet to try it but what I'm seeing is promising. As for the second one, it's doing something other people were afraid to do. I mean, Deisim does this, but this is far more ismple. It's simple, but it's awesome because you can control both your ships safety, as well as the enemy's destruction. There's a god-like influence to it. <3 It's so simple, yet complex, I would expect to find this in VRchat.

    Lastly, I"m disappointed in 'Steel & Soul' being postponed constantly. It keeps being pushed back, yet I want to play it! I want ONE good mecha game because Gundam VR just won't be a thing for PSN & PC Steam market. As people in the VRchat community say: REEEEEEEEEEE! (Absolute disappointment). :cursing:

  • Well, crap....... It's amazing how everything changes in VR that it makes going back to desktop mode hard. No joke. I'm so used to relaxing in VRchat now that I now miss it after Oculus may have crippled quite a number of headsets out there. Oculus (or maybe something stupidly simple) is preventing me from using my Oculus Rift that it may as well be "bricked" with a simple 'No HDMI Connection' error caused by a recent update for February. They crippled my VR headset & experience making me livid.

    - Thread containing mine and other people's HDMI connection error.

    An Nvidia driver briefly fixed my headset for that one night with that night being highly enjoyable. This just goes to show VR still has growing pains that it's just something to accept and move on, if mended. So does Rising World, and any other console. We either have to wait on Oculus to do something, or we have to wait on another Nvidia update to allow us to play. Whatever that Nvidia update did, it allowed me to play for one night, and one night only that I want that fix back. It reverted on computer reboot because I had to sleep and wake up for a next day. Oculus, why.... Why must you get corrupted by getting bigger.

    I'm not letting this discourage me because everything in VR is awesome, it's just VR growing pains. Once a solution comes out everything shall be mended. For all I know it may simply be the cable, yet it feels more like a software issue. If the orange light is on the headset then it's "mostly" fine; Software issue.


    Been meaning to try the following games.....

    - V Racer Hoverbike - https://store.steampowered.com/app/668430/VRacer_Hoverbike/
    - Welcome Above - https://store.steampowered.com/app/912660/Welcome_Above/
    - EmuVR - http://www.emuvr.net/

    Wanting to try out V Racer because of the landscape photoshoot mode, something "most" Vr games lack. VRchat & VR Racer seem to be the only two allowing for proper screenshot capture, something more VR games need to tackle. That alone, I'm supporting this game. I have yet to try it though for the error above.

    Welcome Above is just a nice simple chill game I wanted to try out. Should be fun.

    EmuVR is your 90's POV for playing Sega Genesis, Playstation, N64, and etc. Back to being a kid reliving my childhood. You can decorate your room, netplay, and etc. It's like being back in the 90s 8) If I could only play Perfect Dark in full VR that would be a perfect throwback. Redo Perfect Dark in proper full motion locomotion with actual gestures of firing. Perfect! Won't happen, so second best is to emulate it as if you're playing in VR. Game-ception!

  • Well, an Nvidia update finally allowed me to get back onto VR again to test out a game you guys need to try out if you have VR. I honestly hope this Nvidia update sticks this time around so I don't have to wait up to another 14 days for another Nvidia update.


    - Audica

    Seems like a serious competitor to Beat Saber making me want to try it out. I'm loving this! Instead of slashing you can both shoot & 'slash' things in an alternate way.


    Bartwe (Staxel Developer) is found to love VR with 'Light Fields VR'


    - V-Racer Hoverbike:

    Look at the trailer above, and the images below. VR is where it's at, and I love the experience I had in V-Racer Hoverbike, as short as it was at 10-20 min. That game is highly polished with lots of goodies in it from the get-go I can highly recommend it. Good settings, good menu, nice effects, awesome helmet effect, nice racing styles, awesome screenshot capture, among others. This game is solid and a blast! A must try & buy. It should be up there with VRchat, Furious Seas, Zero Caliber, Beat Saber, and etc.

    The camera feature is also the best part of the game. It's far smoother than VRchat's, yet less scenery to play with. There's give and takes everywhere, yet loving the camera feature here. Racing is also a blast. There's lots of good in this game.


    VR is honestly where it's at.

  • Let's do a little catchup. Before that, I need to share a blog posting dealing with my VR experiences because Oculus honestly set me off. I've also been sharing most of my VR related things on Rising World's Steam offtopics section for being easier in various ways.


    - Arcticu's Experience with Oculus & Oculus Rift:

    I've owned an Oculus Rift since December 2017 loving the good moments. So many memories, so much fun. Everything however contains a price that with positivity must come negativity & vice-versa. Oculus allowed their Rift devices to contain tangling cables, allowed their devices to have an 'No HDMI Connection' error, among other weird nonsense. Because of such I'm now seeking a Valve Index. Curious? Read more at my blog:

    -> https://arcticukitsu.com/Blog/?p=5699 <-
    (If you can read this link then please do. Oculus loves being silly, plus it would make you smarter and more aware of VR.)

    I've mostly hung around in VRchat loving every moment of it. It's where I learned what VR can do and I've tracked many games because of it. Live and learn.


    Games of Interest

    - Viva Project (Shinobu Project):
    For any Anime fans this game is for you. Interact with an anime character by feeding them, taking pictures, customizing their clothing, among more. The goal is to simply sit back, relax, and have fun in a chill game doing simple things. The name Shinobu comes from a Vampire character from a special anime with a cute vampire able to age up and down. You can even go fishing, see their sleep pattern, among other amusements. This isn't meant to be a perverted game, more of a relaxing & unwinding game.


    Project Wingman:

    Fly the sky in modern jets doing modern things. Think Ace Combat games, but in VR. Careful not to get motion sickness!


    - Golf Pool:

    Golfing on the moon & all around because "why not?".... All fun and games.


    - Powder VR:
    Skiing down hill in a simialr way to skiing games on the N64, among other fun variations. Skii, wingsuit.... Do what you must to have fun in a snowy VR manner to defeat the clock. If you can't skii in reality then you can do it in games themselves. I'd play this :)

    - RPG NPC Simulator VR:
    Be the shopkeeper that all RPG heroes need. Gather supplies, build up your store, and expand. Try and please your heroes & adventurers by giving them only the best.


    - Ding Dong VR:

    Have fun playing a unique game of Ping Pong by avoiding obstacles. Tilt the screen, among other controls.

    - Until You Fall:

    A serious VR combat game where you can gesture to slay your foes. Use blades to hack and slash at enemies in a manner you would slash blocks in Beat Saber. Defeat your enemies in your own unique style.


    - Nostos VR:

    A peaceful MMO style game allowing you to play desktop mode or VR with carefully coded VR gestures to interact with the world. It may not be the best game, it shall however be a fun noteworthy game making proper use of gestures to cut trees, fish, combat, among other amusements. It shall be a nice charming "decent" game :)

    Side-note: I've also provoked the hive at Road to VR claiming they lacked passion for VR games. Their article seemed devoid of passion because of the tone & the way they described things


    sliding along the ground with stick-based locomotion for minutes at a time with nothing to do, is all a dull affair in VR. And let’s not forget the moments where immersion is broken as your perspective suddenly pops into third-person so you can see a 15 second text-based cutscene before appearing back inside your body.

    Dull affair? Who uses that wording and tone? If peaceful games aren't for you then do something fun. Also, Roadto VR tried to flaunt their VR experience at me for making note of this. They tried telling me how much experience, how long they've been in the industry. I get it, you're special. Shut up.... They didn't like what I said, thus taking serious issues with me. The "coincidence" of 3+ people jumping at me at once was noted that I feel I disturbed some tribal mentality thinking going on. I may have worded things poorly, though you guys also twisted my wording into weird ways while coincidentally sending three guys at me at once (nearly at the same time).

    Look, if you want to review a game then do it naturally. But using "dull afair" while showing disinterest in the game shows a disconnect. I don't expect VR propaganda, just.... Give me information. Simply google 'Nostos Road to VR' and you'll see what I mean. Everybody reads things differently.


    - Horizon Beyond:

    Sail the skies on a steampunk sail ship while avoiding dangers. Learn the secrets of the world while also making friends.


    - Little Awesome Dudes:

    Control "Little Awesome Dudes' in a way you would on a board game, RTS game, or similar while living in a basement. You try to grow your little community while also using the computer to purchase new assets, play retro 90's games while keeping an eye on your LADS.

    - Perspectives: Paradise:

    On November 1, 1952, the United States detonated the world's first hydrogen bomb on Enewetak Atoll in the Pacific Ocean. In this VR experience you will feel the effects of “Ivy Mike” 10 km from ground zero. You’ll get to walk on top of a nuclear waste site and meet people living on the atoll today.

    - Battlwake:

    A game using Furious Seas as a stepping stone to add more RPG elements by giving you various powers and abilities to fight more foe types. You'll be fighting more monsters, more creatures, and bosses in more campaigns.


    - Azur Lane VR:

    This is more for me and any lurking anime fan hiding away on the Rising World forums. Azur Lane developers seem to be experimenting with the VR concept something they can now easily tackle with their popularity and profit margin. They can afford to tackle VR, thus should try aiming for it.

    I don't expect you guys to like it, nor does it look to be a genuine game at the moment. This is just something to note how people are experimenting with VR. I need to be able to search back through these threads as a form of archive.

    Needs to be their own genuine game :love:


    - HoloModels VR/AR - Senko Fox:


    Have fun posing Senko in HoloModels in VR & AR mode. Have fun taking images, among other amusements. This is a mobile game, thus mobile manner of playing with AR, and possibly even mobile VR. Needs to find its way onto PC Steam as a photoshooting program.
    (Again, posting for archiving purposes)


    - Neko Atsume VR (PSVR):

    Cute game of Neko Atsume VR has been taking the Anime community by storm. People want this cute VR game, thus shall gain a PSVR to do so. People also want it to release on PC Steam so they can gain genuine access to this game. Similar to Spice & Wolf VR, Azur Lane VR, Holomodels, & Neko Atsume, people simply want cute wholesome (chill & relaxing) games on Steam VR so they can unwind properly.

    After being called "toxic gamers" and all sorts of vulgar names by SJWs, working like slaves at workplaces, and being treated like drones at school people want to honestly unwind with this cute game. :love:


    - Flying Metal Suit:

    Fly around in a racing manner as Iron Man knockoffs to win races. Do Iron Man things to win your race. As corny as it is, it seems promising.


    - Sheaf - Together EP:

    Simple VR experience in visualizing music as scenery, something VRchat does well. Just listen and enjoy the journey.


    - Spice and Wolf VR 2 - (Announced):

    Yay!~ First one was a cute little gem, second one now announced on a bigger scale. Shall see Holo's sister in play, or so assumed. You'll be able to learn more about Holo & her lovely sister. Wolf girls are cute :)


    - Gran Turismo suggests VR Support:

    You better! Gran Turismo is mainstream enough that going VR would also nudge people into VR. Honestly, there is nothing to fear when it comes to VR. Embrace it. You may get motion sickness from racing, that's however a learning curve we must deal with. It's "growing pains".


    - Armored Front:

    WW2 Tank battling sim in VR which shall view things realistically. Able to swap out various components to build your own style of tank. Start off with a Russian tank going into various other styles.

    Sidenote: I may have pissed off the developer by suggesting Canadian tanks because of how "forgotten" & "overlooked" they tend to be. If I can be given Canadian tanks I'd do so myself.



    Awesome! More and more I keep taunting and flexing back because people keep saying "VR is dead!", or "VR is a gimmick"..... Screw you! From the list I showed HOW is VR dead? If it was "dead" how was I able to form this list? I'm highly eager in checking these games out, more so when my Oculus Rift can stop throwing tantrums :)

  • Still can't play VR because of Oculus. You can see what's wrong by viewing the beginning of the previous posting linking to my blog.


    - Medal of Honor - Above and Beyond (VR):

    I came here to share a new game that popped while also needing to thank my VRchat friend for finding it. He made me aware of this by posting it, thus I'm now sharing it because it's handled by a AAA game company, something which should help nudge other AAA developers hiding behind their sofa/couch. The new game shall allow you to shoot any way you want, throw knives, climb ladders, swim, and etc. There'll be many VR interactive ways to play the game making you genuinely feel like you're there on both fronts of game quality; If the game is shit, it's still immersive & etc. It'll be immersive no matter what.

    This speaks volumes because it's AAA. The sad part is (I'm being told) is how it's Rift exclusive. We're in 2019 heading into 2020, thus needing all VR headsets to be able to play this game. Not just Rift, you need Vive, Index, Mixed Reality & Etc........

    I also see people whining and moaning in the Youtube comment section knocking on VR saying "guess they didn't want it to sell", "VR is garbage" & similar wordings. Sucks to be them. Their loss shall be our gain though because for those who want to play it shall have the most genuine fun with it praising how good the game is on various levels, not just quality. They'll make note of how fun a certain element of the game was. Can't wait! It may not be the best, it'll however be near there.

    This game is on my radar :)

  • Big news!


    - Valve Index (Canada & Japan Release) | Half-Life: Alyx (VR):

    I purchased my Valve Index headset because I genuinely got fed up with how Oculus kept software blocking my Oculus Rift. I just want to play VR, and pure VR, not deal with their narcistic nonsense. People praised Valve Index, thus I went to purchase it. Also, it became the 'top selling' thing on Steam charts. That, and Half-Life: Alyx.

    - Half-Life: Alyx (VR)
    Developers treated the game as a passion project eventually moving it into a genuine game we see now, in VR. They used Half-Life assets to eventually make a 15 min demo, something which eventually evolved into its own full-blown VR game. They saw that once you go VR its hard to go back, and that's true. Once you try VR genuinely you'll never want to go back to desktop mode ever again.



    Of course! Salt inbound. Heavy doses of sodium to the point Valve/Steam forums is constantly hiccuping. All those salty non-VR folks whining and moaning. They're not able to hold a constructive posting, thus feeling it necessary to be all vulgar and moany. If there was a genuine desire to get VR, one would aim for VR. Once you go VR it's hard to go back to desktop mode. No joke!

    Why do you think people keep pressing developers to add VR mode to games. Same with Red51 with Rising World :)

    All that sodium poisoning overdose!

    It's genuinely their loss if they don't want to play VR. Granted, VR isn't for everybody. It however changes everything in gameplay where you have genuine freedom to look 360 degrees, have fun shooting at any angle, and etc. This is more freedom and interaction you'll ever gain in desktop mode.

    Also, it's not 1% of the gaming community. it's far more than that. The Valve VR survey is inaccurate because people simply unplug their VR headsets to save power. They noted such, thus the percentage is inaccurate. It higher.... MUCH higher, yet trolls shall always weaponize the 1% of VR users because they can't do a simple Google search.... Oculus Quest roughly sold between 100,000-480,000, or even 1 million headsets. Hard to say. PSVR sold 2 million headsets in 2018, though 2019 numbers are blank. Nobody wants to share their numbers, people however do have VR headsets in great numbers. They can't be ignored. I have to point and laugh at the people whining and moaning about Half-Life: Alyx going VR because if they wanted VR they can find a genuine way to do so. If there is a genuine will, there is a genuine way (if there is a will, there is a way). Granted, not everybody is able to buy a VR headset, though the same can be said with cars, computers, phones, and etc. This doesn't just apply to VR.

    People are simply being far too salty (angry) to the point they keep hiccuping the Steam/Valve servers.

    Even so, look at how well the Valve Index & Half-Life: Alyx is doing on the Steam charts.

    It is indeed costly, though if you genuinely desire something you'll make it possible :).

    I'm now simply waiting on a shipping notice for them to send my Valve Index to me so I can finally get back into VR. Have to wait and see how much damage Oculus Rift has done to my computer both software & hardware wise. The tangling cable actually felt tense in the 3.0 USB port bending it to the side. Maybe it was a false sensation...... We'll see when we get the Valve Index, if I do. I paid a hefty sum for the headset.

    "Once you go VR its hard to go back" :)

  • - BBC News Caught Slandering VR in Jealousy & Envy:

    BBC has been caught spreading misinformation about VR by slandering it every chance they got just because they couldn't strike it rich. Sounds like another game I've covered here called 'Sansar' with developers throwing literal tantrums for not gaining enough traction as VRChat & Rec Room. They wanted the same amount of rewards for so little work......

    BBC on the other hand had a VR hub, pulled the plug, now blames VR for "dying", among other slanderous claims.

    Some good quotes from the video


    Pendleton 115
    13 hours ago
    "Instead of Asking "What went wrong with VR" You should be asking "What went wrong with your journalistic integrity" SHOTS FIRED


    "It must be hard to judge from your window in London"
    Lobsterbacks owned

    Talk trash, get hit & lit..... VR headsets have been selling out to the point they've been backlogged. Valve Index headsets have been backlogged since December with people VERY gradually getting them over time. Oculus Quest headsets keep selling out.

    BBC Is envious & jealous they can't get the same piece of pie as every one else. They also shouldn't speak for getting rid of Top Gear...... RIP.

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