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    • I"ll keep this one short that I'll get straight to the point. New games & articles to and for VR.


      - VR is dying:

      A friend and I conversed about VR that it became heated that he unintentionally set me off showing how VR is "dead" while also refusing to listen to anything I had to say. I simply view his thoughts as ill-informed while equally ignoring what I had to say, even if he may have read & parroted what was posted. I'm the one with a VR, I know what's going on. I may be bias (maybe arrogant at times), just that I can't agree to "VR dying". Maybe stalled, but not "dying". Two following links were posted to show how VR is dying while mentioning the moronic 3D TV comparison. You can't even immerse yourself with a 3D TV as you can with a VR headset....... I smell envy and jealousy.

      - digitaltrends.com/computing/proof-vr-sales-numbers-sinking/
      - statista.com/statistics/426469…-reality-users-worldwide/

      Stalled, maybe. But not "dying". Can someone influential PLEASE get in contact with Bandai-Namco so they can get off their rear ends to make a Gundam VR game for BOTH PSVR & PC Steam? It seriously and honestly is needed right now.


      - VR is Well & Alive:

      Next day over I stumbled across these two articles stating that the Steam numbers show otherwise that numbers are simply on the rise. It matches well with all the headsets being bought with how Beat Saber, VRchat, and others keep praising one another for selling headsets. It matches all the Tweets I've seen tweeted & retweeted of people buying VR headsets. The articles point out that people are also not looking at the right zone that they should be more open minded. Granted, they're pointing towards VR arcades, industry training, and such. I also view it from the perspective that people aren't looking under 'New', 'Trending', and such on Stream VR storage page. People aren't doing their research that they want to be spoon fed.

      - roadtovr.com/steam-vr-user-pop…usage/?platform=hootsuite
      - gamedaily.biz/article/416/vr-i…hMAwf2H3VwtpIAPaRGQT-fwYs

      And yes, I posted heavily in the roadtovr's blog posting because I'm frustrated with certain people. I had to agree with certain people sharing similar experiences as my own.


      - VR Games:

      More games were found on Steam that I've finally done my routine scan again, if belated. There's a nice batch to note & renote.

      - BALSA - Model Flight Simulator - store.steampowered.com/app/977…A_Model_Flight_Simulator/ - (Kerbal Developers; High respect)
      - Forklift SImulator 2019 - store.steampowered.com/app/939450/Forklift_Simulator_2019/
      - Raptor: Cretaceous Island - store.steampowered.com/app/929230/Raptor_Cretaceous_Island/ - (Positive rating)
      - Voronium - Locust Sols - store.steampowered.com/app/899180/Voronium__Locust_Sols/
      - Tin Hearts - store.steampowered.com/app/572540/Tin_Hearts/
      - Blade and Sorcery - store.steampowered.com/app/629730/Blade_and_Sorcery/ - (Highly promising)
      - Space Battle VR - store.steampowered.com/app/982700/Space_Battle_VR/
      - Xion - store.steampowered.com/app/644420/Xion/
      - Legendary Hunter VR - store.steampowered.com/app/642170/Legendary_Hunter_VR/ - (Duck hunt)

      - Titanic VR - titanichg.com/demo/ - (Demo; Desktop & VR support; Crowdfunding)

      The VR library simply keeps growing that I just can't understand other game developer's responses of a "small market". Build the right game and people shall support this "small" market. Need to be as assertive as Spicytails are with Spice & Wolf VR whom saw a void, thus trying to fill it with their own game.


      - Spice & Wolf Crowdfunding:

      Been tracking this heavily because it's one of those heavy hitter VR games that shall send ripple-effects throughout the VR market. It can't be ignored because of the amount of influence it has within and around it that it must be tracked from beginning to the time it's released, and beyond with the amount of weight it holds within the Japanese market, as well as outside of it. I'm hoping once this is successfully crowd funded that "skittish" and "lazy" game developers/studios/publishers shall once again see value in VR which shall once again encourage them to make proper AAA VR games. People do care, just make the right game.

      I'm also viewing this so importantly because if VR is more accepted in the mainstream that Red51 shall have an easier time with VR on his end for Rising World VR.... Whatever his vision, I'm hoping it'll be for the best that it shall lead into "gesture" VR, not 'Minecraft VR' VR type movements. Superhot VR is an example for 'gesture' VR, as with VRchat.

      目標金額は8,000,000円; 974 backers

      23,538, 810 Yen to $207,685.27 USD

      CA$ 149,077 pledged of CA$ 93,135 goal; 482 people

      I consider this successful because people also love the concept of seeing Holo in VR that they want to support it. Build the right thing and people shall come swarming. Spice & Wolf VR could probably be counted as almost a AAA game, if short because it's still indie side of things. Also, I hate the developer mentality that they won't add VR support when they view the market as "small"...... Just do it....... If you see a void please just fill it in the best you can with how other developers have quietly been doing with Slime Rancher, Scanner Sombre, among others. Nothing shall grow if you don't add to it.......
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    • - PSVR - General Thoughts:

      I forgot to post things about PSVR because I don't have it. I'm however checking it out now that PSVR is something one shouldn't ignore either. There's a genuine market out there that one should respect it through-and-through because their sale numbers are between $3-4 million that you have to respect that. It's growing, or so noted on graphs.

      - engadget.com/2018/08/16/sony-psvr-sales-3-million/
      - reddit.com/r/PSVR/comments/a22…e_november_rollercoaster/

      A comment stood out that I can agree with because I'm seeing far too many developers making various excuses that the "market is small" that they won't prioritize it, or that it's hard to make profit. Maybe it is, just not in the way they're claiming. They'll still see genuine support that if nobody is supporting their game then either A) Their game is crap, or B) They didn't advertise in the appropriate manner similar to how 'War Robots VR' Kickstarter had where their Kickstarter was a bust. War Robot VR's full game kickstarter was a bust from poor advertisement. If they tried now they would succeed because are now "more aware" of their surroundings. They have to however contact appropriate VR content creators to put it out there.

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      Really nice to see the rebound and then some with BF though. Pushing towards that threshold where developers find it harder to use the lack of profit excuse for ignoring VR.

      You have to also thank Beat Saber for the massive push on that PSVR sales graph.


      - PSVR games of Interest

      Now, what games does PSVR have that you could find of interest? What catches my interest? Those that have * are also on PC:

      - Beat Saber*
      - SuperHot VR*
      - Batman Arkam VR
      - GT Sport VR
      - Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown
      - Star Wars Battlefront - Rogue One: X-Wing VR Mission (Could be good)
      - Arizona Sunshine*
      - Doom VFR*
      - Rec Room*
      - Eagle Flight*
      - Skyrim*
      - I Expect You To Die*
      - Megaton Rainfall*
      - Zone of Enders: 2nd Runner*
      - Firewall Zero Hour
      - Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
      - Wipeout Omega
      - Tetris Effect
      - Farpoint
      - In Death*
      - Borderlands 2*

      I'm looking at this list wondering how VR & PSVR is dead, or dying. I'm actually impressed it actually has that many games that I'm simply seeing it grow. The game I love, and hope to see on VR would be the following game. May stay as a PSVR exclusive though

      - Falcon Age:

      And let's not forget, because of my posting above, that the PSVR version of 'Spice & Wolf VR has been funded mainly by the Japanese on the Campfire crowdfunding site.

      - Spice & Wolf PSVR version:

      Well, I'm happy after seeing this that I'm tempted in purchasing PS4 for PSVR purposes. I have no more room in my room so that's a no that I'll have to go with the Switch, and that's that. I can't get a PS4 unless someone provides it to me for "press' purposes because I'm constantly researching many things. All that's missing now is a proper Gundam VR game made by Bandai-Namco.... Where's your Gundam game.... You have a VR gaming to tap into that there'll be a nice saturation effect :)

      PSVR is healthy <3
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      Sorry if it appears I'm spamming too much that I fell behind. If you guys are actually reading this, then awesome. if not, then I guess I'm just doing this for myself then so I can keep track of things. If you guys are indeed benefiting from this whole VR side of things then I'm not wasting as much time as I thought I had. Maybe I still am. Even so, I'm doing this for both myself so I can be more informed while helping those with VR here as well so we can have fun with our VR to the fullest.

      There's some more things I came across that I just had to share because of how relevant they are.


      - The 3 Most Common Arguments Against VR & Why they're Wrong:


      1) It failed before, thus it shall fail again. (Incorrect)
      2) Just like the 3DTV it shall fail (incorrect)
      3) It shall fail like Kinect with gestures (Incorrect)
      (Clarification: When I say "Incorrect" it's the trolls, not the sections.)

      You know, for #1 people don't know what "prototype" means. You constantly have to "fail" to make it eventually work, thus why we have planes & computers, and etc. It's like writing drafts for a story that each draft makes it better, or with how interation each device becomes better. Or think of it like stairs that it goes up the next step that you have something to work with from the step below. Like with the whole Sega VR, among other prototyped VR gear from the past. Nothing is going to be perfect at first that you HAVE to make it perfect. VR now has a stable market, make use of it. It's here to stay, and I see people happily and warmly accepting it... Except for the few grinchy envious idiots. You can see that VR is more affordable, more accessible, and it's becoming far more easilly accessible with Oculus Quest, Mixed Realty, & etc. Even those VR mobile headsets.

      For #2 this has to be the most frustrating thing I've experienced because even my arrogant Twitch streaming friend is saying it, and he knows nothing of VR. I own it and he hates the Switch and everything always whining about everything. They're also two different platforms that you can't interact with your scenery with 3DTVs, something you can do with VR. One is flat and stationary while the other allows you to be fully immersed in VR that THAT is the reason why VR is awesome. My friend noted how the headset and controllers take away from that experience just he knows jack s*** about what he's talking about. Just envy that I'm still wound up by his ignorant comment, as with those on Steam parroting trolls. Can you wear a 3DTV like a VR headset? No? That's the point, thus why you can high five, gesture, and dance in VRchat, among other VR games.

      For #3 the irony here is that people used Kinect to dance in VRchat. People actually used Kinect to actually dance that Kinect may have died in its native land, yet used in other formats for immersion and fun.

      If you want it to fail, it will fail; If you want something to succeed you will make it succeed, thus why it's still being worked on to this day.


      - The Elder Scrolls: Blades (Mobile & VR):

      Skyrim blade is a free game for Mobile & VR with proceduraly generated dungeons. The main hub is your own settlement and quest, the Abyss being a fight in dungeons until you're defeated, even PVP mode in both Mobile & VR side of things. They also interconnect. I'm still trying to try it out for VR that I want to playtest this just to see what Bethesda is "prototyping" to see how others can take advantage of this. It's as much for me as it is for others as well...... I'm curious. It's even for mobile VR as well as high-end VR.
      (Delayed till early 2019)

      I'm here for the VR side of things.
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