View Skew in this game is driving me crazy

  • View sky is a terminology I got from my days Flying WWII airplanes online. It is phenomenon that exhibits a change in location for an object plotted by the program when you look at if from a different viewpoint. This does not happen in real life as in a 3d word if you put your finger on a windshield in your car or plane then move your head the object will still appears under your finger in your peripheral vision. However, games on computers don't work that way since they are plotting 2 dimensional location. There is a shift in the plotting when the viewpoint shifts. So when you look at an object and it is lined up then shift your viewpoint it is not really lined up. This is critical when making large curved surfaces in this game. The angles have to be exact or it will look great from one view and then be way out of line in the other. Bouncing back and forth to get it right helps some but is not 100 percent capable of removing this 2d versus 3d vision plotting error.

    Not much I can do about it accept be frustrated.. so thanks for listening to me and letting me cry on your shoulder ;(

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