Poster Transparency levels

Trello update: The last weeks we've been improving the terrain generation and we've also put some effort into making landscapes smoother in general (to avoid bumpy terrain). Apart from that, we've also been working on new building tools. You find more information on Trello, but also expect an announcement about the recent changes soon
  • Instead of 2 values of transparency (1 or 0), I think it would be cool if there were 8 different levels of transparency. (any # between 0 and 256) / 32 = transparency level rounded to nearest integer.
    So if a png file has pixels with an alpha value of 192, it will be level 6. But if it had a value of 150, it will be rounded to 5.

    Reason why I suggest 8 instead of 256 is because for all i know, it might be computationally demanding.

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