Missing NPC Textures & Other Bugs

  • Missing NPC Textures & Other Bugs

    @red51 I've been keeping an eye on a couple bugs hoping they could be fixed in time for the next update.

    1) NPC's (Female Variant, Only) - Some clothing in the game not just the shirt as shown in the picture can affect the female npc. I've seen NPC's wearing clothing but not rendering in as if their meshes have completely disappeared. (Ghost Bug - you literally see nothing but clothing walking around) Most common is spawning an npc in and they have no neck, arms or sometimes even a head. If I could place a pumpkin on their shoulders we could call them the headless horse women ;)

    2) Chunk Loading - If you are mining, placing or removing anything to fast all npc's within a 3x3 or 5x5 chunk radius will fall through the world or in some cases end up in caves, this includes animals. ( I found a cow in a dungeon below my dig site) As awkward as this is I'm thinking this may have something to do with either the render draw speed or the game engine itself, again not sure.

    Before the next update can you please have a look into the cause & why this is going on and apply a patch with the mounts update? Thank you.

    I've provided some screenshots of the npc - female variant , see female standing sideways below the breast line there is no mesh.