Flickering posters back again

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  • Flickering posters back again

    Hi, I thought this got solved at one point, but now it's back and worse than ever. Posters flicker when you move and don't seem to settle down no matter your distance from them. A work around was to place a small beam or plank in the middle on the wall and attach the poster to that, but the small rectangle then flickers through the poseter (and it isn't really always possible to do it anyway).

    Also related, I have placed "wood paneling" (planks) against a block wall (where I want a color on one side but not the thickness of two blocks (which is ridiculous). The paneling also flickers same as posters. My plan to "tile" my white floors that need to be white for the ceilings of rooms below won't work either.

    Possible to fix the flickering?

    Here's static pictures. Poster/planks flickers in geometric shapes.
  • Have you changed your attitudes?
    You can try this: Change in the config


    Standard is false.

    You can also try to put a glaspane behind your poster. This method could help, too.
    Or you try to leave a little, very small gap between poster and wall. If your wall is made of woodbeams or woodplanks,
    there could be an unevenness and automatic placing is sometimes not possible or inaccurate, but very rarely happens.

    Btw on the left you've built a very nice archway. :)