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      So i was watching an interesting episode of NOVA on gothic cathedrals and how they are designed structurally. However making stained glass windows was a side topic. I had always wondered how colored glass was made. It turns out that the same techniques of mixing metals with glass results in color once the glass is super heated. On more than one occasion, i've suggested adding additional metals in the earth in order to make new materials. Looks like yet another reason would be to add colored glass. Also seems like not a lot of metal needs to be added. In the Nova episode I watched, glassmakers were making large batches of glass and removing a small ball of glass and rolled it over a thin sheet of shaved metal (far thinner than a metal plate in-game, like aluminum foil almost. Perhaps one plate could be used to make 16 units of glass. Just a thought

      On a side note, I assume colored threads are made with plant extracts ( I think minecraft does this for glass as well.. ofcourse we know Minecraft is far from realistic).

      Anyways, looks like we already have the metals for making: Red (gold), Blue and Violet (oh wait.. wasn't cobalt removed?), yellow and amber (sulfur), green and brown (iron), blue and green and red (copper). Whatever ingredient used (a plate or metal shavings perhaps) can also be used to make fireworks. each metal produces a different color when burned.

      Metals Used to Impart Color to Glass

      Cadmium SulfideYellow
      Gold ChlorideRed
      Cobalt OxideBlue-Violet
      Manganese DioxidePurple
      Nickel OxideViolet
      Chromic OxideEmerald Green
      Uranium OxideFluorescent Yellow, Green
      Iron OxideGreens and Browns
      Selenium OxideReds
      Carbon OxidesAmber-Brown
      Antimony OxidesWhite
      Copper CompoundsBlue, Green, Red
      Tin CompoundsWhite
      Lead CompoundsYellow
      Manganese DioxideA "decoloring" agent
      Sodium NitrateA "decoloring" agent