OCNetworks Server Giveaway!

Trello update: We've updated our Trello roadmap to reflect our latest additions regarding construction elements and multiplayer - which includes the dedicated server and the RCON Tool
  • Would you like to see public servers ? 4

    1. Yes (4) 100%
    2. No (0) 0%

    Dear Rising World Community,

    Over at ocnetworks we have decided to launch this game along with our new website look and system but we need you (the community) to help us in this process and test some servers to allow us to see the server load and so on. We want to give away 4 servers for the first month free for you guy's to jump on and test, if you would like us to also put some public servers up for the whole community and maybe an Admin can pin the public server post then vote on the poll and we will see what the outcome is.

    If you are interested in a free one month server then reply to this thread and send me over a PM and i will select 4 users that will get a server.

    Please also vote on the poll for some community servers hosted by us.

    The poll will be run for 7 days so please cast your vote even if you might not want to play on a server it will just give us a community idea.

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