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    I like the OP. It doesn't even need to be fantasy, just Rising World original. I would love more unique biomes underground. I mean yeah it would have a fantasy feel but only because it would be something not found on earth. It could still have a realistic look so it fits with the RW world. Make sense?

    Heaven biome? Well no, not something religious (I've even suggested Hell should not be called Hell..). But I like the idea of some biome being up high somehow. So I thought of a biome being high cliffs which cannot be climbed and on top is a plateau. While on the plateau, if you looked off the edge all you see is cloud. This biome would be another RW unique one with flora and animals which cannot be found on earth. To get up there you must find caves which lead up or just tunnel your way up there yourself.

    Issue with this is the game's world height, not sure if it could be increased enough to support this idea.

    Running is the worst thing to do. Forget about a bear in game... what about a real one?

    That'll give ya a hershey squirt hehe. Mother grizzly with a couple cubs it seems. She just wants them to go away and leave them alone.

    @red51 What I would like to see is bears doing false charges at players. So you get within a certain distance from the bear to aggro it, and some percentage of the time it just runs at you, stops and just walks off. Tis what they do...

    It would be nice if animals had some unique behaviour like this.

    I like the idea of animals spreading seeds around via their poo... tis realistic. But, it should not be so powerful that it stops players from exploring. So maybe seeds are only spread within a biome. No desert plants suddenly being "planted" by a bird in a temperate forest.

    Yeah just teasing ya eh.

    I don't think using moose as a mount would work just because RW seems more realistic in that way.

    The natives never breed moose or rode them, just hunted them but yes used every part, there was no waste. Anyway, in a silly and fun way it would be fun to have a moose mount. Especially if you could make it charge into other players. :D

    Cloudy weather doesn't have to equal no smiles eh! :P Just ask the plants!

    That is a very neat idea, but I think it would end up with too much micromanaging in the end. Your inventory would be cluttered with such items unless there is a specific place for them that doesn't take up your basic inventory slots.

    I don't mind some inventory management. But also I don't think we will have everything we own on our person (character) at all times. Thus the need for storage etc.. You would only use those tools if you wanted to get those materials back. Otherwise just bash the thing down quick. ;)

    It would be interesting if you needed the right tool for the job to take structures apart (also for building). Otherwise you end up with near garbage, stuff like wood planks end up as kindling if you don't use a pry bar, stone blocks become small rocks and dust if you don't use a hammer and chisel for stone.. stuff like that. Just a thought.

    I've read a lot of threads around here about 'mobs' and things, and what about if it was part of the character's phychological breakdown.
    The more you survive horrific events, the more creepy and inexplicable things happen.
    I'm not talking about monsters, or anything which comes running at you.
    I'm talking along the lines of: you begin hearing these strange sounds, you turn round to look, but there's nothing there.
    It's that something just at the corner of your vision, that unknown horror, leading the player to decide what is hunting them.
    That way we never have the same mob. ever! We all have our own separate imaginations, so the 'mob' would,be separate too. I'm not sure how it would progress really, but i think that it might be interesting.

    You should try Don't Starve.

    Mooses? Just moose. Thought you were Canadian eh? :P

    It would be silly to ride a moose, but really they would kick your ass. There are not an animal to mess with and can be more aggressive then bears at times, especially if you have a dog with you.


    1- Skeletons-They come out of the lava, and attack the player with their hook hands.

    Not so much haha

    2- Demon worshippers/ evil cultists- They wear black hooded robes, and attack the player with scythes.

    A little cheesy for my taste.

    3- Bloody Leech- It crawls along, and launches itself at the player, sucking a small chunk of life from them each time.

    Or you might get one on you if you go in the water in swamps or wetlands, jungles... and they are a pain to get off. Slowly take health, very slowly.

    4- Decomposing Imp- it limps along, and bites the player, when within range.

    Too much like a zombie.

    5- chained horror- mummified in chains, they spin around, unchain themselves, then the grisly creature underneath screams at the player, hurting them. The initial spinning feature hurts too.

    Again, a bit too cheesy.

    6- mouth of madness- like a bear trap, this huge grimacing face lies in wait on the ground until the player comes within its range, then it spits out bones, which come together to form various horrific creatures.

    I just want placeable bear traps lol

    7- flapping nightmare- a demon head with wings for ears, it hunts the hells then spits bloody spores at its prey, which burns for a short time.

    No demons sorry.

    8- Toad of torture- huge lazy creatures, who slowly jump towards the player. When within range, they open up their huge mouths, and screaming bodies reach out and attack the player with their bony hands, with a small chance to drag them die.

    Why not just a huge toad which whips it's long tongue at you and can pull you towards it to eat you?

    9- Crazed butcher- Runs aimlessly around, laughing. When it spots the player, it goes crazy with its bloody carver.

    First boss of diablo 2? hehe

    10- Putrid waste- A misshapen, stationary blob stretches up in a ghostly face of torture, and spawns smaller versions of itself. Killing the putrid waste, spawns a random number of bloody leeches.

    Some kind of putrid pool would be interesting, nothing smart though. Just really horrible if you fall into it etc.. disease etc..

    My 2 cents :P