Good Public Server Service

  • I have pretty much ran the gamut of different servers.
    Some it depends where you are and how tech savvy you are.
    Some of the providers have fast speeds, cheap service but Tech support may not be as it should.
    I ran my servers off of Prima servers for about 18 months and started to have more trouble after they switched to a windows server.
    I am now trying GTXgaming server mainly for the reason the ping is lower because it is based in Texas.
    It seems hard to find USA based servers.
    I tried Nitrado servers for awhile few years back but unless they changed their practice they were the only one to update the game on the server. Sometimes I would have to wait 24 to 36 hours for an update.

    Like most business these days it seems once they have you for awhile their efforts on fixing/helping/ tech support slows down.

    BTW I have switched several server as I mentioned and so far ( fingers crossed) I haven't lost any ones work.
    Most time when I lost anything it would be the world getting corrupt some how.

    Hope this helps.

  • My test server is with GTX seems ok but my test server once lost all control and I had to open a ticket to have the reboot it as I could not change them status even though I could upload files to it. It took them 4 hours to respond. Pingperfect responds faster to tickets but they are full up in Dallas and often I lose connection with Kansas so much that sometimes the server is not even listed.
  • Have you thought about setting up a VM?
    Then you should be able to start restart stop the server on your own.
    GTX rents those also depending on how many server people etc you want it could be cheaper?
    On the restart could/would you been able to put in a restart ever umm 5 minutes :D until you got control back? You can do that in schedule task.

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