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  • Hello Everyone,

    This has been on the back of my mind for some time now and on occasion it really irritates me that modifications, mods or plugins in this case seem to lack in imagination quite severely. Now don't get me wrong some of the mods on here are quite useful such as Planks & Beams, Animal Breeding, Teleportation & economy for servers to name a few. Where are the plugins that add to the game? Such as new tools, devices, blocks, furniture, advanced crafting and more? Now please don't take this as me breathing down your necks like an angry dragon but instead a drive of inspiration. :saint: Personally I love mods they are what help video games grow from nothing into something. Practically everything you see in Minecraft or other popular in-development games was or is at one time or another a mod authors idea that was used with permission. So why don't we take that next big leap of faith, crack some code if need be and make that next big mod so Rising World can keep on Rising?


    1) Electricity - Yes it is indev but it's already there so use our creativity and add some rubber trees to that world with workbenches, advanced recipes and possibly a rubber tree tap?

    2) More Furniture - We build these things out of planks & beams but what if you could blueprint it, load it into blender, do some extra work such as add actions (sit, stand, sleep etc..) It would drastically improve performance in both local & multiplayer worlds if the game wasn't trying to render every single object. (Think of it as microblocks for Minecraft - The more you use no matter how powerful your computer eventually you will have performance issues.)

    3) Bigger Storage - No I don't mean a chest or crate the size of a house ;) What I mean is if we can somehow get a pioneer's version of electricity going what about alien technology? The ability to break an element down into various forms and store it in a tesseract or storage module of some sort? Sure it sounds crazy but I got the idea from Applied Energistics 2 and wondering how to port the mod with no electricity in the game? Surely we don't want random meteors raining down on our castles, cities or towns but instead maybe a rift? I'll leave this one up to you as well

    You see I don't know anything about modding or making mods but everyday that I come by here looking for something new to add to the world there's just never anything there. I can't help but feel disappointed but yet with many projects in mind I keep chugging along. Railcraft would make a nice addition. All I am asking is for the modding community as a whole to open your minds to a much wider & broader spectrum. If a kid buys this game comes to the forums to check out the mods and see's there's really nothing to add adventure he or she will play the game for a bit then shelve it. The majority of us that play & enjoy the game today are mostly all adults but we were once kids too. Would you prefer ice cream or salad at that age? Let's help the younger generation stay engaged with Rising World by adding something to the game they will enjoy. Remember we only get stronger if we work together :thumbsup:<3

  • Hi @ArcaneDesmond

    I've been away from RW for a long while now so I might be out of date on the modding capabilities of RW but i'd still like to answer you.
    so whatever I say next please consider it to possibly be outdated information, however this is what RW used to be when I paused my gameplay :thumbsup:

    We dont lack imagination or creativity, in fact what I had created back in 2015 and expanded over the years was only a small part of what I actually have imagined to do.
    The biggest limiting factor and reason why you don't see an electricity mod or modded chests, or mods with bigger substantial gameplay elements is that RW modding capability does not allow a way for us to add custom usable tools the way native (built-in) tools are available.

    This of course limits us to be able to create any kind of highly functional mods the way minecraft has offered over the years.

    However where there's a will, there is a way and if any modders out there are looking to do something big and wanting to group up for a collaboration, I'm up for it as long as its organized properly.

    Proper organization for me personally means:
    - plan first, code later
    - use issue boards (so everyone knows who is working on what)
    - use git properly (feature branches) and merge request when done
    - meetings or communicate often
    etc etc etc...

    If a kid buys this game comes to the forums to check out the mods and see's there's really nothing to add adventure he or she will play the game for a bit then shelve it.

    I do believe that it is the responsibility of the game studio that should keep their game interesting and engaging not the customers who bought it. Sure we are given a way to modify the game a bit but that in itself is not main feature of the game where all the focus should be put on.

    We all bought it to be entertained by the game itself first its not reasonable to shift expectations of additional entertainment beyond the core game. All the little extras by the community is a lovely bonus from the community ^^

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