can't find a working update for graphic driver

  • can't find a working update for graphic driver

    first of all I have two different systems and both game-versions.
    System no.1: gaming-laptop and steam-version is used. -> works perfect!

    System no.2: pc with low requirements.
    Rising world (standalone-version) is runnable without any lags.
    But not all textures were rendered.

    the blades of gras are white. some on a further distance were green.
    Trees doesn't have leafes. leaf-particles appear when a tree was chopped down.
    there is no texture for gras-surface, dirt, stone, etc. it's just black. trees are also black.

    I guess it might be better with a new graphic driver but i can't find one.

    I am looking for a driver for the intel hd 4000 graphic card.
    this is from the "report-file":
    GraphicsAdapter: [Intel Corporation, Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000, 20120319000000.000000-000,, igdumd64.dll,igd10umd64.dll,igd10umd64.dll,igdumd32,igd10umd32,igd10umd32]

    It seems that this driver is outdated (for win7 64bit).

    I tryed a new driver from this page:…99/Intel-HD-Graphics-4000

    but it didn't work. when I try to install the new driver it says that the driver won't work with my device.

    open gl 3.0 is the minimum and I have open gl 3.3.

    Does anyone know if there might be a newer drive for this card?

    System No.1 is used at home.
    System No.2 is used when I am not at home. So If I (we) could fix it I can build more stuff and make blueprints for other Worlds.

    I have both game versions due to support-reasons and to have a "guest-license" for LAN with friends.
  • Groovaholic schrieb:

    Not to sure if this is any help…964-1986874590.1533812964

    or you could try your laptop's manufacturers for the right drivers, this may be your best place to start first, just google your make and model.
    thanks, but your link is what I already tried. ;)

    I guess I found a possible solution.
    In this case the problem includes the combination of the operating system and the manufacturer.
    --> Intel HD 4000 + win7 + fujitsu lifebook E752
    You can only install intel-drivers witch are validated by fujitsu. (driver certificate)
    For fujitsu-systems with win7 the driver-version is the latest available.
    if I want to use a newer version of the intel hd 4000 driver I also have to use a newer operating system (win8 or win10).
    I can only use a newer driver but not the latest provided by Intel.

    maybe this helps some others who are struggling with intel hd drivers.
  • I just want to share my new awareness (new information)...

    across many indirections I found a driver-update after all.
    that wasn't easy ^^
    the updated driver also upgraded my openGL from 3.3 to 4.0. and everything works fine.

    If someone wants to know if the intel hd 4000 graphics will run the game ... --> yes! it works!
    maybe you can't play with ultra-graphics but if you have a good composition (cpu, ram, ...) the game will run smoothly.

    at least I didn't notice lags so far.
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