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    This is something that is planned under the "movable structures" which if I remember there will be a central element pivot point to which we can attach an object like the above, but I would say this is way off from being implanted.

    If this is possible (never tried it) I guess it would be the "Worlds" folder, so if it's the new Unity version this will be C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\RisingWorld\New Version\Worlds. ( and just look for the one that you have created for this)

    But the other way that you could do this is by making blueprints, maybe build some sort of building with each floor showing the different types of blocks/items??, at least this way other players could include this within their own worlds!.;)

    Hi Red with the last update now includes posters and decals which are all great but I have always wondered why GIFs are not a thing.

    I think having the ability to include Animated GIFs in our world would make everything more "alive" Now I do not know if having a load of these say on a server would affect the performance or even if it's down to copyright but it would be nice to see.

    If I remember right this was a topic a while back and the overall census was not to have physics to structures, this is because some buildings can have 100's if not 1000's of different elements just in a single build, the idea works well for games like Valheim (modular building) but not for Rising world.

    Just imagine that you have just built a massive house that has taken you weeks if not months to build for someone or something to make half of it collapse :angry::angry::angry:

    Looks very interesting If I had one criticism "and it's just mine" I would have liked a 3-second pause or a message telling me that you are now returning back the the to entrance portal ( named when possible) instead of that quick jump, :thumbup::thumbup:

    Noticed that when placing blueprints on our server they don't sink into the ground properly they seem to stop at a level and then "jump / miss" a few inches.

    I did try it with a construction block and they are working as intended.

    A quick video that shows what is happing to

    I was wondering is we can get Chrome as a new color? It would be nice to be able to make thing like sinks in Chrome.


    you can choose the index colour for "chrome" which is "a8a9ad" on some materials it doesn't look very chrome ie wood but I haven't tried many of the others so give it a go and see what ones look the best for what you are after.

    To do this when selecting your block in the preview window on the right-hand side there is a small circle, click on that and just input that colour code.

    Unrelated, but I was underground and had sledgehammered a block platform/floor I was standing on. When it disappeared I fell through the world all the way to hell. (It was orange so I assumed Hell.) Then I died. :D It was pretty funny, but I'm thinking that wasn't supposed to happen.

    Yeah this happened to me as well, moral of this is " never remove a block that you are standing on that is 1/2 way in the ground " mind you I got a very nice view of hell ^^^^

    Not sure if this has been reported yet I'm sure it has, but I noticed that light isn't passing through the glass ATM, I placed a standing torch inside a closed (glass) container and noticed that the fire wasn't showing, screenshots included looking through the glass side and one without glass.

    So I was just looking at Trello and noticed that under Movable Structures it is postponed, is that indefinitely or for the time being? I hope it's just for now as being able to design our own doors/gates would be a great addition but I also release how difficult and time-consuming it could be and atm there are more important aspects of the game that need to be done which I 100% agree with.

    I haven't played around that much with this but will it be possible that admins can decide what a player can and can not do within a certain area? ie no fly / no destruction/ but able to open doors/chests? maybe it's already there but fully implemented yet?

    I think being able to make colour waypoints on the screen with an option to turn them on/off or even for the player to choose which ones to show ie; spawn / poi / other player homes / ect, and of course a map when its available

    Just after some info not sure if this a setting within the server properties that we can change I was chatting to a friend on our server and wondered if it's possible to have the area name displayed at the bottom of the screen all of the time instead of just when entering it? maybe something we could choose in the game settings for those that don't need it so they can turn it off/on.