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    Not sure if this has been reported yet I'm sure it has, but I noticed that light isn't passing through the glass ATM, I placed a standing torch inside a closed (glass) container and noticed that the fire wasn't showing, screenshots included looking through the glass side and one without glass.

    So I was just looking at Trello and noticed that under Movable Structures it is postponed, is that indefinitely or for the time being? I hope it's just for now as being able to design our own doors/gates would be a great addition but I also release how difficult and time-consuming it could be and atm there are more important aspects of the game that need to be done which I 100% agree with.

    I haven't played around that much with this but will it be possible that admins can decide what a player can and can not do within a certain area? ie no fly / no destruction/ but able to open doors/chests? maybe it's already there but fully implemented yet?

    I think being able to make colour waypoints on the screen with an option to turn them on/off or even for the player to choose which ones to show ie; spawn / poi / other player homes / ect, and of course a map when its available

    Just after some info not sure if this a setting within the server properties that we can change I was chatting to a friend on our server and wondered if it's possible to have the area name displayed at the bottom of the screen all of the time instead of just when entering it? maybe something we could choose in the game settings for those that don't need it so they can turn it off/on.

    So I've been messing around with the luminous and colours and 1 option that I would like to see added is maybe some sort of timer so that we could have the lumination change to a different colour or even turn off the lumination altogether and back on again every few seconds, the screenshot that I've added is an example the shapes that are lite up would look good if it looked like they were twinkling.

    And yes Santa is real

    Loving the new update RED and I must congratulate you on doing a wonderful job especially the pine forests, the only problem that I've come across is that I can't level the ground with the rake, the most it seems to be doing is taking the top off and nothing else?

    you can turn off the blue outline with the blueprints this is under : Miscellaneous / BluePrints / Visualize Bounds - on or off

    Hi Kesselia

    you can try and decrease the movement of the blueprint by going into the radical menu.

    With your blueprint in hand "press and hold C" and under the tab "move precision" change the setting to 0.001, once done press right shit to enter manual positioning and with the arrow keys move the blueprint into position. also for me i turn off the grid i find that can help too, but thats just me

    Hope this will help you:thumbup:

    Hi Remmy like what Avanar & Deirdre said both are good ways to try unfortunately I would just say it's a trial and error when building roofs that look good but using planks/beams are possible the best way.

    Maybe you could upload a blueprint of that building and see who can make a good job of it? and maybe that idea could even be a good thing for the Rising World community to try, someone uploads a project and then someone else adds something to it and just see what everyone comes up with.

    I haven't played this for a while and I'm sure the way you both have said will work " normally Shift + L/R arrow keys" but couldn't he also enable surface face (or whatever it's called) and make it longer if for some reason the above doesn't work?

    Having beacons for a single player world may be okay but personally I can't see this working on a server as you could have hundreds all over the world unless it's possible so that it only shows up for that player?.

    This is where I'm guessing that a map will come in handy when it's implanted so the individual can place markers / POI's for a guide?