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The Building-Update for the new version is now available!

    Hi Red51 one of the most useful sections I've found is the ability to save a construction element in the radial menu I was just wondering if it would be possible to have an option so we can name it as well as auto description?

    As Avanar & Deirdre said it can be useful when building a pier/fence to drag a line of construction elements (less time consuming) all at once and with +/- to make a space between each one before placing them in the world instead of one at a time.

    And just a quick note I love the save/load element in the radial menu a great feature

    All of a sudden things are now behaving like they did in the java version, the whole construction element sits above the ground. very confused haha.

    Glad to know it's now working and like i said sometimes just restarting the game helps (don't ask me how) but it has helped me a few times in both versions.

    Hi Red51 not sure if I just haven't found this yet but in the java version when placing a row of planks all at once we had the ability to increase/decrease the space between each plank with the +/- keys before we place it down so far I haven't been able to do this? it's either 1 at a time (with a small space between each one) or a solid floor, have I just missed this, or maybe it isn't in the game yet?

    Thank you

    Also just a pet peeve difference in construction between java and the new version. When you hold a construction element, say a beam, with the grid turned off by default it sits flush with the surface you are pointing at - this is like the java version and I like it. However if you turn grid on, the beam goes through the surface you aim at, leaving approximately half the beam above and half below your cursor. This makes it really annoying to place vertical beams of the desired height when the grid is on. In the image attached, the two vertical beams are the same length. The one on the left is placed with grid on, right with grid off.

    Have you tried restarting the game to see if you still get the same thing happing? I know what you mean with the grid but its not doing it for me, but there is another way if you see that the element is into the ground more than you like if you press the right CTRL (this will lock it in place) ( you can freely move about) you can then manually move it up & down with the page up / page down keys.

    Not sure if this is the correct way but it works

    Just a couple of things that I would be happy to see with the operation with the hotbar

    1) Slightly more responsive seems a little sluggish but nothing major.

    2) Being able to keep on scrolling as in going from slot 5 to 1 (on hotbar) and not having to go through all the slots again 5-4-3-2-to get back to 1 (hope this makes sense) yes I am that lazy:P

    3) At times its been a little hard to see what I have got selected in the hotbar maybe have a little running animation around the outline that is currently selected?

    Thank you Red51 for everything that you are doing and the trouble is that we are all very impatient and we now want the next update or is that just me!!! :saint::saint::saint:

    Ok found out what i was asking for and for anyone else that is wondering here's what i have found out so far.

    To spawn anything so far into your game just press the "tilde key" this will bring up the command and just type the following into it:

    Item (then pick one of the following)



    Hope this helps everyone

    Dam RED51 you just beat me to it lol

    Hi guys I've had a quick look on the forum to see if there is a list for the new version of the items/blocks with their ID's? if anyone knows where or if there is a list could you please drop the link here, i know there isn't a ton of items but I always forget them.


    Groove <3<3

    Just my 2 cents on this subject on destructive elements how about when starting a new game there was another option to have this has a "hardcore" gameplay? after all there has been a few games now that have an option for permadeath, and at least having this on servers you the player can decide do I go into this know that everything that I build "could" be destroyed unless you the player intervenes but even this could cause problems around other players builds (ie stand by this players build and watch it get attacked)

    I have only just started playing Valheim and building walls/spikes around ur building is a big must as soon as possible.