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A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!

    I'm quite surprised to see any sort of story mode that low after all did anyone stop and think " where did we come from? how did we get here? are we alone here (NPC's ;);)) .

    Thanks for sharing all the results very interesting..

    There you go again teasing us with all these screen shots which just keeps on looking better and better :D:thumbup::thumbup: with this

    grass occlusion on/off I'm guessing with this on we won't be getting any ground (grass) bleed though any more? from any building blocks/planks that we put down especially from a distance, the only thing (for me) in the screen shots was the god rays these look a bit over powering? i guess this will be adjustable within the graphic settings????

    Great work.

    red51 Not sure if you have ever considered in doing a preview of the game or a Q & A on Twitch? say maybe once a month or so? Iv been following Night Drive Studios remake of System shock which I found interesting, I understand its a completely different type of game and may not be worth it?

    Anyway the Grass generation that you have posted on trello looks really good.

    Just had a look at that radial menu that you are showing off on Trello, that's a great addition to have to the base game, just wondering if this could be user defined so if a plugin can use it as well? i understand that this option is still very early in it's concept but say there is 7/9 sections in that menu and we could drag n drop plugs into it? maybe that's a a hard thing to do and it will be only hard coded just for the base game.

    Hi Queen_of_herts welcome to Rising world hope your having as much fun with the game as we all are, for your posters here is how you get them working.

    Make sure you have the poster selected in 1 of your slots, left click and this will bring up the poster menu on the left hand side click on the button that says "upload image", find the image that you want to use ( a preview will show up on the right hand side) and click on "Select image" then click on "Use image" you will now be able to see the image in your game.

    Don't forget you can now rotate the image with the arrow keys and also holding down the left shift key will let you resize the image as well.

    Also make sure that these are in jpg / png format (not to sure about any others) .

    One last thing to keep an eye on the updated version click on the Roadmap at the top or here or of course just check back here on the forum.

    survey filled

    I log in almost everyday waiting to see something about the new version and every time I see something I get more and more excited by what you guys are doing with this great game, love the idea for active items in the world (we have all built a hammer / rake / ext and placed it somewhere) but as long as this can be limited for each player as I can see some players just spamming that option and leaving stuff everywhere and slowing down severs ( maybe that can be done in options / server settings?).

    The hype train is rolling faster and faster:D:D:D:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    Hi everyone I'm in England and just like InuYasha in the same position with the lock-down of shops,cinemas, theaters and restaurants all shut for the time being, going to our local food store Tesco's everything is marked out to keep your distance from each other with is a lot harder to keep then you may expect. with many things out of stock.

    So far fingers X we are all good and well, but boy do I wish i had a hair cut a couple of weeks ago has these are also closed and so badly need a haircut now ^^

    Stay safe everyone and at lest we have Rising World to keep us going (waiting for the new version to drop) :):):)

    Looks really nice! cant wait to see more, thanks for your work!


    Question... I was just wondering we will have aswell snow on the roofs, snow that will apply to some blocks or beams when is snowing?

    This would be nice and having red's reply maybe a work around is to have blocks/beams that we can construct which is covered in snow? I understand this isn't exactly what you was thinking but it's the closes I can think off. :thinking:

    Wow those terrain shaders are looking very nice and with the transition between different biome's do look a lot better then before, I hope that when that transition occurs between the different biomes that it actual last a bit longer "i.e" instead of it changing within 20 blocks from desert to grassland it changes in say 40-50 to give a more natural feel and look, but hay that's just me being fussy ^^.

    One last thing with the shaders that you are using will we be able to use Reshade to make our own personal look to the game?.

    Thanks for a great game red51 keep up all the great stuff you are doing :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    Hi Red51 I'm please to see that people are still very much making plugins for the Java version of the game and was just wondering if all of these will be 100% compatible with the Unity version? I'm sure I have read before that they will be but as I'm too lazy to search so thought I would ask here, and of course with the development of the game is now a bit more advance was there any news on this? and what about the older scripts on here will these be redundant with the Unity version???.

    Is it possible to create brand new blueprints and save them in the test version?

    I think if I'm not mistaken the up coming tech demo will be more like a "walking simulation" to test out without or very limited building. as red quoted in one of my posts (it's really just a basic tech demo without much gameplay, so probably there will be barely any building mechanics in that version). It will still take some time until the first "actual" version is available (which contains actual gameplay, building mechanics etc)

    Hi like everyone else I'm eagerly waiting for the new version to be released, I understand that a preview of the new version ( Tech demo) is soon to be released and was just wondering will we be able to use our original blue prints at all? or is that a bit too early for this early release. :):)

    Many thanks for a great game and community

    Hi Red loving the new layout of the web site everything looks so much cleaner and better, in the forum I have noticed that under the forum tab i have got over 15 watched threads? now this isn't really a big problem, the thing is all of these are threads that I haven't watched? at least I'm 99% sure i haven't, maybe adding a "clear all watched threads" like there was before could be nice.:)

    Thank you :) Any idea what I could do to improve performance in the current version? I build with planks and beams.

    I guess that's a bit of a open question, apart from lowering the detail and resolution size down to 720p not a lot can be done. have you got much money to play around with would be the first question? but maybe look at adding more ram, 8Gb that you have is ok but 16Gb will help your whole system, and it looks like you are running an integrated graphics so adding a PCI graphics card " AMD Radeon RX 580 / Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB" would make a difference (you will need to check your psu to make sure you have the right connections)

    If you ok with buying second hand check EBay, Some good deals can be had and building a new system :thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Hay loving these screen shots Red and I agree with what you say about the use of lighting / shadows :thumbsup::thumbsup: also just wondering will lighting effect the player as well i.e will we be able to hide from bandits if we are in the dark? I understand this may not be a top priority of all the things that you are working on right now.

    Also another aspect is the sound having great sound effects in surround 5.1 / 7.1 can also make a game come to life, are you going to be re-doing these or just porting the old sound files over? putting these two together ( lights & sound) with the game play that we already know and love will just be fantastic

    It looks amazing! Will there be a way to keep our current version & get the new one? Even if it means buying a new copy?

    Hi Mandy just to answer your question:

    If you already own the game there is of course no need to buy it again.

    You can still play your old worlds with the Java version but this version may only get limited support in future updates.

    Rising world will have have two exe's the current Java version and the new Unity version which will have a separate beta branch in Steam.

    I'm sure this is correct but Red51 will confirm this Im sure.