Armour: East vs West

  • I think the game is selling the European armor short of its real value, but I suppose we've all been told that Japanese armor and weapons were far superior to those of Europe. That's a commonly upheld myth which isn't really true. While I think it would be more accurate to swap the protection values, I would grant that it would provide less insulation, as the metal would conduct heat better and make its user colder.

  • That's true, but the main reason why the samurai armor provides better protection than the knights armors is the fact that it cannot be crafted. It's only obtainable from dungeons, so it's rarer than the regular armors which can be crafted (but it would be more or less useless, if it doesn't provide much protection).

    Maybe we will remove the knights armors from the crafting tables in the future (once more clothes and armors are in the game), then we will probably adapt the protection values ;)

  • This was a surprise. I appreciate you getting back, Red. The explanation makes a lot of sense. Secretly, though, I'm hoping that salads and stews will arrive sooner. Maybe onions as well.

    The cold mechanic is a good addition, and I like it for the depth it adds, as well as the effect it has in different biomes.

    Thank you.

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