Roadmap feedback

  • First of all, what a great game you have made. It really is a unique, one of kind game. there is a whole lot of depth to this game that a lot of other games lack. I have some feedback in regards to the roadmap. I would love feedback on my thoughts as well.

    NPC Bandits: I think this would be a great feature. There could be bandit camps randomly generated, and small groups roaming around. I do not think the chance of attack should increase at night. Perhaps they will only attack if provoked, or on random. Gunfights are cool, but I do not want to be fighting every 15 minutes.

    Food spoilage: This should be very fine tuned to the point where the player needs to address it, but not to the point where it becomes annoying. There should be cold food storage. Icebox, cool cellar, fridge (Powered by electricity). And of course, salting, smoking and drying meat.

    Monsters: I do not want monsters. Please add an option to disable them, just like the other animals. Some people might like zombies in caves, other people would not. I find fantasy elements would really disconnect the game from "reality".

    Transportation: I think rails and trains would be a great feature. It would be a great way to connect bases or to be used creatively. I also think a horse drawn cart (with storage) would be a great addition. How about sailboats?

    Electricity: Yes! I think this would be a great addition. Using light bulbs to light your house, electric furnace, and batteries to power flashlights etc. This could also tie into food spoilage. (Electric fridge) Power generation! Coal generators, steam boilers, hydro..

    Also, in general feedback:

    Crafting: I love it. So much depth to it. It is really great they way it is.

    UI: Sure, it's a little ugly. But it is fine. Game play is more important. Look at Mount & Blade series. The core game play is amazing. If you ever plan to, do it last.

    Mining: Not too fast and not too slow. I love the satisfying swing and hit of the pick-axe. I find it really makes you feel like a miner.

    Survival elements: They are so-so. I find my character only needs to eat and drink 2-3 times per day. I feel walking, running, and mining should increase your hunger and thirst. If it does this already, I'm not noticing it.

    Building: Wow. Amazing.

    Thanks for reading, this is all I have for now.

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