Technology tree (primitive / Medieval / modern Ages)

    • Technology tree (primitive / Medieval / modern Ages)

      Hi everyone !

      I’m really enjoying Rising World, but something bothering me :
      The Ages are completely mixed up, like you can be a fiercy knight with a complete armor and… A semi automatic rifle ???? :huh:
      Or look at the loom, you can craft a simple rags shirt or a really modern military jacket at the same “time/ages”

      Why not setting up a technology tree like in most RTS game, so that we can have a bit more accuracy and realism in the roleplay ? In fact, going deeper with what you’ve done with the Workbench Tier I & II
      When creating a new game, you could decide which Tier limit you want to have, like Tier I only, or TIER I + II and full evolution with Tier I + II + III.

      So basically depending of your choice you will only have access to the first work bench Tier I, both I + II or all of them, and that will give limitations:

      Workbench Tier I (Primitif Age, low tech only)
      - Primitive furnace / spinning wheel / Loom Tier I (cloth & leather recipes only)/ Sawbench Tier 1 (no decorations recipe, neither strange barriers or modern elements…) / just swords & bows…

      Workbench Tier II (Medieval Age)
      - All craft stations from Tier I / small furnace / Loom Tier II (knight armor, saddle…) / morningstar, Musket / anvil / paperpress

      Workbench Tier III (modern age)
      - Everything (military equipements, motor boat, riffle…)

      Depending of the Tier limit, some construction blocks would not be available as well (like the tarmac for Tier I)

      It's maybe a dumb suggestion, since you can already decide by yourself what you want to craft or not, but sometimes after a rough fight against bears you can easily get tempted to craft a riffle, even if you're suppose to play medieval ! :whistling: