[BUG] Fell through the floor

  • So I've been paying this game for a while now and I'm enjoying it. However, in one of my mining expeditions, I fell through the floor and died. Respawned and decided to explore the sea on a speedboat instead. I got to a decent way out into the sea, the game paused to load before throwing me off my boat and killed me. I've lost all my things twice despite having the "keep inventory" option turned on to; once from falling through the floor, another from sea exploration. :thumbdown:

    It would be nice if I got all my things or if the problem is fixed.

  • When did you fall through the ground (during your mining expedition) exactly? Did it happen recently? Maybe you can post a report file here, to do that, open the ingame console (by pressing ~ or `) and type "report", then a file called "report" shows up in the game directory. Either post this file here, or send it via email to support@jiw-games.net :)

    About the speedboat: Unfortunately there is a bug in the game atm which prevents the game from "freezing" the speedboat if you "outrun" the world generator. As a result, if you're fast enough (depending on your hardware and your view distance), you are able to leave the collision area so you fall through the ground. It might help to reduce the view distance (especially the detail distance) to improve world generation speed. We will fix this issue with the next update.

    About the "keep inventory" setting: Do you play in singleplayer or multiplayer? It's important to respawn when dying, quitting the game unfortunately still deletes your inventory (this issue was brought to our attention a few weeks ago by another user).

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