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  • streaming music

    any way i can stream my twitch music stream or my spotify music playlist on to my server for all to hear ? lol i only ask because im waiting for my server to fill up which it almost is after less than 5 days , but soon as its full im gonna make a serial killer video in it and i want to be able to do the jason friday the 13th thing , killlll killll killll hahhhhh hahhhh hahhhh hahhh over my server and they wont know who is about to get face spiked . but they know some one is . i see there is a megaphone plug in some one made . let me try that i thjink by what it says it will work. by the way i found 1200 gold ore at 100 floors . also an endless supply of sulur at 200 down and 280 floors down.