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    • admin permissions

      I have setup two permission groups beside the default group: Resident and Builder.
      They seem to work well.

      However to test the Builder group, I assigned myself as Builder, at which point I think I was automatically removed from the Admin group.
      I lost my admin tag and all my admin rights.

      In the server properties file I am still listed as admin and admins are set to have all permissions, which I thought would override the permissions group and ensure I have admin rights at all times.
      Otherwise I don't understand what it does.

      I can revert it by giving builders admin rights, set myself as admin again, and remove admin rights from builders.

      But is there not an easier way to test new permissions groups?
      And what does the admin_all_permissions setting in the server properties file then actually do?

      Hoping some of you longtime Rising world admins can enlighten me :)
    • admin_all_permissions gives admins all default permission settings as explained in the permissions section of the forum.

      changing a permission group of an admin (by admin I mean only classic admins set in the file not the admin perm group) to a group with less permissions denies them the permissions not allowed by that group until they relog, once the admin relogs they have all admin permissions again even though they will still be in the lower group.
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