A Plumbing System for Rising World

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    • A Plumbing System for Rising World

      I thought of an Idea, It would be cool to have a working water plumbing system in Rising World.
      Complete with Pumps, Pipes, Valves, Tanks, Etc.

      Building a Plumbing System

      To start any plumbing system you should need a pump and some source of water.
      We should be able to build different types of Pumps like wind powered, gas powered, centrifugal and vertical turbine.
      Pumps should have intake pipe connection that goes to a water source and an exit pipe connection that you connect your plumbing system to.

      No ocean or lake nearby to pump water from ?
      We should be able to build Rain Collector(s) and run the pipes to the Input on a pump.
      What If i am in the desert with no water/rain ?
      Get on your Camel with as many buckets as you can carry, Travel until you find a water source then fill your buckets, When back at home dump buckets of water into your Rain Collector.


      With salty seas and dirty rain water we could build Desalination/Filtration machines and connect them to a pump to turn salt water and dirty water into fresh drinkable water.

      Build tanks of various sizes to store water or buffer water between a pump and your plumbing system. (Especially useful when relying on rain water only)
      Tanks should have an input pipe connection on the top and exit pipe connection on the bottom.
      Tanks should have a menu when interacted with that displays the water level in the tank.

      We should be able to build two different types of pipes, Iron and Copper.
      Iron pipes should be larger in diameter and used as the main distribution from a Pump.
      Copper pipes should be smaller in diameter and used as a branch line from an iron pipe to supply water to an item that needs it (Kitchen sink, Sprinkler, Etc)
      Pipes should be able to penetrate the ground and construction elements.

      And a variety of of pipe fittings would be needed for iron and copper pipes.
      Also adapters, reducers and bushings to connect iron and copper pipes together.

      Also let’s not forget Valves, Turn plumbing sections On or Off.
      Manual and Automatic valves for Iron and Copper pipes.
      Automatic valves could have an interactive menu with an on/off time setting (On: 00-23 hour / Off: 00-23 hour )

      Water supply and demand

      Instead of making a plumbing system with fluid Pressure and Flow simulation .

      I thought of something simpler, A system of water supply and water demand.
      Things that produced water (Supply) have a number of water per minute value for the item.
      And things that consume water (Demand) have a negative number of water per minute value for the item.

      Simply, Here is some examples that your build menu could look like:

      Water Pump #1
      Water: 100 Min

      #x Iron

      Water Pump #2
      Water: 250 Min

      #x Iron
      #x Copper
      Water: -20 Min

      #x Iron
      Water: -10 Min

      #x Copper

      When subtracting all the numbers for your water Demand items from your water Supply items and you get a 0 or a negative number,
      You should essentially create a drought condition and run out of water in your plumbing system.

      Then you would either have to add more pumps to Supply more water for the demand of your system.
      Or add valves to turn off plumbing sections to lessen your Demand for water.

      A broken or open pipe that is not capped off should create a infinite negative number in your plumbing system,
      simulating that you are out of water and need to repair it.

      Items that consume water

      Build various working Taps/Faucets for indoor sinks and outdoor spigots.
      Variety of uses: Drink from, Fill canteen/bucket, Etc

      Build a bathroom with working plumbing.
      Sinks, Toilets, Bathtubs and Showers powered by a water plumbing system.

      With a working water system plants should require occasional watering. (With the option to turn this off in the menu)

      When plants are in need of water there textures should change to green with few a spots of brown and fade to more brown over a few days when dying.
      When a plant is dead it should revert back to its seedling model but with brown and gray textures.

      We should be able to craft various types of sprinklers to water are plants.
      When you are out exploring, You can also water your plants with the help of timed automatic valves mentioned above.
      Or water them by hand with a bucket.

      Decorate your courtyards and gardens with water fountains and waterfalls.

      Build a working boiler fired from Wood or Coal to produce hot water and steam.
      Use the steam for various things like steam radiators for heating and steam powered machines.

      Create radiant floor heating for your house.
      Lay special pipes that hover off the ground by one half of a block, Then cover them with your choice of blocks.
      Then connect the special pipes to the hot water from a Boiler.

      With a system of pipes it could be adapted for other things like Steam, Oil, Gasoline, Propane and Electrical Conduits.
      For Electrical Conduits it could be aluminum pipes and junction boxes.

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    • You put allot of planning into this before you posted, didn’t you?

      I hate to say, but due to the stage the game is currenty in, your idea will not be in the game for years(if I had to guess).

      First of all, Jiw Games is only a four-man developer team, due to this, updates that are big will take longer for the developers to program, should they raise the price of Rising World as it developes and hire new recruits as developers to help them allong, updates(especially the big ones) will not take as long to be made!

      According to the head developer, Red51, electricity will “eventually” be added in the game. “Don’t espect it any time soon though.”, Red51 says.

      I am not a developer, but if I had to guess, the developers of Rising World want to focus on creating content that makes up the base of the game before getting into the extras. For example, the next update, will include hostile NPCs, and that sort of content is a must, especially if they want the game to be more popular because some people that play Rising World, love to survive, but also want something to fight besides agressive animals, such as bears and Tigers!
    • Actually rw is getting developed by just one person. Plus one for network, plus one for sound and music and some freelancers.

      I like your idea, though it is so specific that I doubt it will ever be in vanilla.

      But water tubes sound reasonable. Maybe with the same background as electricity.

      More should possible via the plugin api or maybe mods in the future