Game is stuck at 10%

  • Game is stuck at 10%


    On both my server and another multiplayer server the game seems to sometimes stop loading at 10% when logging in.
    And always at 10%, not 12% or 34% - 10%.

    On my server it seems to happen at random, although always at least a few hours after server restart.
    There seems to be no especially high demands on either memory, cpu or bandwith, or in other ways anything to suggest a problem (as far as I can tell with my limited knowledge).
    It can always be resolved with a server restart.

    But I am now up to 3 restarts a day (automatic) to keep it running smoothly, which seems like a lot.
    And I am not even entirely sure that ensures it.

    So if someone knows anything else I can do to keep this from happening, I would appreciate the help :)
  • I had the same issue with my DiscordPlugin, at the end the reason was that i did not copy all dependencies for JavaCord correctly. The Problem was no error was thrown anywhere it just hung up.

    So Maybe check your plugins and find out which causes this Problem?
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