impossible to keep the permission server

  • impossible to keep the permission server


    I have a permission problem

    permission is not active

    I have to have whenever I log in to make the order

    setplayergroup name admin example

    as soon as I leave the server and reconnects me must always do it again command

    I did several tests without progress

    info file server info

    admin permission
    group: Admin
    chatnamecolor: 0xFF0000
    chatprefix: (Admin)
    chatprefixcolor: 0xFF0000
    shownametag: true
    showadmintag: true
    nametagcolor: 0xFF0000
    nametagprefix: (Admin)
    nametagprefixcolor: 0xFF0000

    - *
    - makeadmin
    - revokeadmin
    - shutdown
    fly: true
    pvp: false
    nohungerthirst: true
    notemperature: true
    enabled: true
    maxupload: 100
    dimension: 512
    - *
    use: true
    create: true

    log server permission

    INFO: Default server permissions loaded successfully!
    Found 2 files in groups folder

    2019/01/21 01:42 PM I.g
    INFO: Group "admin" permissions loaded successfully!
    2019/01/21 01:42 PM I.g

    and server mysql and database player and group admin

    if anyone knows how to solve it would be appreciated
  • is the word admin with red letters next to your name when you open the TAB window? If yes then you are a server admin and the admin.permissions apply to you by default you don't need to put yourself in that group that is why you are not in it when you relog.

    If you want to create a separate admin group then you should name it something other than admin i.e. even Admin would work I think
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