Help With Weather Commands

  • Yesterday I was recording a video for today and I was cycling through the different weathers at the start (clear, fog, rain, thunderstorm, overcast) and decided to playthrough on the Overcast setting. Problem is the game starts to cycle this and bring rain and other weather types in when the weather cycle is turned off. Is this a bug or is there some other way to do weather overcast as a default? I've tried "weather: [overcast] default" and it resets the weather back to default instead of setting overcast as the default. The whole reason behind me trying to do this is so that I could change the color aspect of the clouds, fog and how they appear against the environment. In real life when it becomes overcast everything turns a beautiful murky green and it really makes nature come to life. I want to try the same thing in Rising World but I need full control over the weather. Any ideas?

  • The start weather (or default weather) can only be changed on dedicated servers, unfortunately there is no such option for singleplayer, but we can add this with the next update ;)

    However, if weather is disabled (set "game_weather_enabled" to false in the file), the weather should no longer change (until you reload the world). This is how the weather command works: weather <weathertype> [instant 0/1] (if you type weather overcast 1, for example, the weather changes to "overcast" instantly).

  • Thanks for the help. I was wondering is there a way to make it snow in different biomes than their designated area? Sort of like seasons, asking just out of curiosity here. I tried a few commands involving snow and I guess they just aren't a part of the weather presets just yet. You've got a wonderful setup for the default so far I'm thinking "timespan" as in the amount of time spent in a local area. You mentioned crop failure before and I am curious if seasons may play a part in that role?

    As for the weather command... I went on ahead and disabled the weather then entered the game and switched it to overcast using the command "weather overcast 1" and it worked for a bit till it started to rain again. If only I could reduce the particles from the rain perhaps I wouldn't have much of an issue with performance. In the summer of 2020' I'll be getting a new PC this one is definitely not built for newer games.

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