Decent server host?

  • Hi everyone

    Hoping someone has a good server host to recommend.

    Currently I have a gameserver with vilayer where only 1GB RAM has been allocated to the server, despite the 14 slots I have bought.
    Consequently the server has had ongoing problems with crashes due to lack of memory despite frequent restarts.
    Red has also pointed out that that is not nearly enough, but they will not recognise that.

    Their point of view is that I am asking for something extra, since the server itself has memory enough - which doesn't really help since the game can't use it, if they won't allocate it on their end.

    To make matters worse I can no longer take backups of the server, since the server keeps closing the connection, creating difficulties in moving.

    After pointing out to Vilayer that enough memory to run the game and being able to take backups is a normal part of gameserver service, their response has been that it is not at all.
    It is something management has to deal with, which has now taken more than a week with no end in sight.

    Clearly I have to move, but to where?

    I have considered nitrado and prima servers, but are there good service hosts?

    Any help will be appreciated.


  • First of all i have to say that i never used any game servie provider as i own myself a (virtual) root server but i can tell you that nitrado is not a good choice. Everybody i know that used nitrado has made bad experience. For example one of my family members had a 7 Days to die Server by nitrado and it got 3+ rollbacks in a week with several days loss of progress.

    If you have at least a little experience in linux i recommend renting a virtual server. I don't know which provider in your region fits your needs but for example i have a vServer for 30€/month (16 vCores 32vRam) rent at Strato and i'm running more than just risingworld.
    For my current RisingWorld configuration i could also rent a smaller server for 14€/month having 4 cores and 8GB ram maybe.

    What do you pay currently?

  • thanks devidian for your quick response :)

    since I have also heard other less flattering things about nitrido and prima servers turns out to be danish with good reviews on out national company evaluation site, I have decided to go with them. Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best!

    And I have zero experience with linux.

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