Unable to access server from Multiplayer menu

  • I'm having trouble accessing my server from the Multiplayer menu.

    I have these ports forwarded: 4254,4255,4256,4257,4258,4259,27015
    I'm able to see the server in Steam under View > Servers > LAN, but not in "Internet" or in-game under Multiplayer.

    Here is my server.properties, any ideas why its not working?

  • The setting server_lan_mode is set to true in this case, this indicates Steam that this is only a LAN server (so it won't show up in the public server list). In addition to that, the server_ip is set to your local ip (, therefore the server only binds to the LAN ip (and is only accessible in your local network).

    Make sure to set server_lan_mode to false and remove the LAN ip from the server_ip field. If you're running the server on your local machine, just keep the server_ip field blank, then the server binds to all addresses ;)

  • The problem ended up being linuxgsm. It was giving me a bind error with server_lan_mode to false with no IP.

    It requires an IP address specified in the server.properties, and I had to modify their check_ip (in lgsm/functions folder) I removed all the lines, because that script fails the server running. With that check removed it worked fine!

    Thanks for the help red51!

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