Changelog 2014-09-22: New blockforms, lootable corpses etc.

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Hi folks! :)

    First of all, if you have expected the extended construction system which was announced previously: It's unfortunately not available yet. We're still working on it, but are confident that we're able to bring it to you with the next update! :)

    However, let's focus on the actual update: First of all, it brings two new blockforms, corner elements for ramps. There are still corner elements for stairs missing, but they'll be available shortly.

    The next interesting feature is the ability to loot dead bodies: When you die, you leave a corpse that "contains" your old inventory. So you're able to get your painstakingly collected loot back.
    After a given amount of time (configurable in multiplayer), your corpse despawns and leaves a small cross at your grave (which can be removed of course).

    Apart from the new features, we also did some changes: Now objects have collision while placing, so objectplacement becomes more easier.
    Another change concerns the messages when someone invites you into a group (multiplayer-only): The dialog has been completely reworked and looks much better now.

    Last but not least, this update contains - as usual - some bugfixes. A few critical bugs have been removed, as well as some "cosmetic problems".

    Full changelog:

    • [New] New blockform: Rampcorner (inner and outer)
    • [New] Player now leaves a dead body which can be looted when he dies
    • [New] When dead bodies despawn (default: after 10 minutes), they leave a grave (wooden cross which can be removed of course)
    • [New] Objects now have collision when placing, at least they collide with blockwalls. This makes objectplacement easier
    • [Change] Changed the look of the message when inviting another player into your group (multiplayer)
    • [Change] Changed behavior of sickle, now it first shortens the grass before it completely removes it
    • [Change] Changed the range of the sickle, now it should be easier to cut grass on slopes
    • [Change] Disabled helptexts for torches
    • [Bugfix] Fixed random crashes when returning to main menu
    • [Bugfix] Fixed a few problems relating to the "falling through the ground"-bug (need feedback if this bug is now fixed)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed static light in caves (it was too dark during daytime)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong walksounds for stairs, ramps, cylinders etc.
    • [Bugfix] Fixed stuttering gametime update
    • [Bugifx] Fixed wrong chest coverage rotation when chest was placed in a diagonal angle

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