players game crashes when loading map after they reset their PC

  • *Edit: I just had her move the old map folder out to backup. may be a windows sid thing I'm guessing. I even tried copying the contents of old to new and it still crashed. She will have to unlock her map again the hard way. ;). Consider this *RESOLVED :)

    I have a player who recently reset her Windows 10 laptop. Not sure if she selected keep all data or not.

    She can play on the server fine, but the game will crash upon opening map, every time.

    Other servers she has not played on before, the map opens fine and does not crash.

    I am guessing she chose the keep all data option during reset and her old data is conflicting with the new.

    @red51 how do you suggest we fix this client?

    Also, I would like to change details of server name without losing the map information for all my players (or having each and every one change their original map folder to the new name).
    I am hesitant to change the server name knowing all player map data will get wiped if I do unless they are savvy enough to navigate to the proper folder and rename to new name. Suggestions??


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