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Trello update: We've updated our Trello roadmap to reflect our latest additions regarding construction elements and multiplayer - which includes the dedicated server and the RCON Tool

    It always helps us to help you if you provide at least a basic list of hardware specs of your PC/Laptop.

    Laptop/Desktop? What CPU (Intel or AMD and what model/speed)? What Video Card (Nvidia, AMD or integrated Intel)? How much RAM installed (8GB, 16GB, 32GB)? Which OS you running (Windows, Linux, MAC)?? Is it a brand named computer? If so, Make and Model number? Custom built PC?

    If you are not able to easily identify your specs, install and run CPU-Z (free and safe), it will scan and detect what hardware you are running and you can relay that information back over to us:

    Otherwise, we can't really help you unless you provide more information so we can narrow down the issue.

    Remember, the new Unity version uses a different game engine which requires a bit more power from your PC than the Java version (Video Card in particular).

    You need to properly forward the RW ports on BOTH the router (hardware) and Windows Server firewall (software). Search "firewall" on Windows server (advanced settings), you want to configure incoming and outgoing rules for that port range (TCP and UDP).

    I'm guessing the Linux version of RW is incompatible with WSL. Seeing you run WSL on a Windows machine to also run Linux, why not just use the Windows version of RW vs trying to run the Linux version via WSL?

    • Rising World Standalone Universal (Jan 23rd 2020)
    • Rising World Standalone Linux (Jan 23rd 2020)
    • Rising World Standalone MacOS (Jan 23rd 2020)
    • Rising World Standalone Windows (Jan 23rd 2020)

    Issue resolved. Turned out to be an issue with my ISP on one of their subnets. They were clueless, so had to implement a workaround using MAC cloning on my router to trick their gear to place me into a different subnet, which now works fine. Connections are now working again, no more 999 etc.

    Been hosting for a long time. Nothing has changed. Server is listed but with 999 ping for players. Port Forwards are still setup correct on router (4254:4259) to same static IP (server). updated and reset router AND modem AND server .. same problem still exists. Internet connection is working fine, I can browse, speedtests are fine, playing online games are fine. Added windows firewall rules to see if that is it, no dice :( (manually opened 4254:4259). Steam, rising world, dedicated server all added to avast exception list. I'm at a loss. I'm able to join my server fine, but it's on my LAN. Other players see 999 ping and can't connect. *EDIT* Issue resolved, see below

    @red51 thanks for the updates! But see the following:

    [Change] Skeletons die automatically after ~30 hours (making room for new skeletons to spawn)

    Can we change this so invincible skeletons do not die? The reason being is we had several customized/locked skeleton NPCs that disappear after the 30hr mark (grim reaper, gatekeepers etc).

    @Batta you need to create permission groups via text editor for the specific ranks you want to customize for your server. e.g. kight, king, queen, prisoner etc :) Use Red51's documentation related to permissions here. Slight learning curve but not bad if you read through all of it and use his examples to start creating your own text based permission files (spacing and syntax is very important). When you launch the server it will tell you if the permission groups you added loaded properly in the console and logs.…d/3179-permission-system/

    server tools in an excellent 4 plugin in one. Can be used to make your ranks but you 1st need to do what I listed above (create specific rank permission to link server tool autorank to). After you do the above, I suggest reading the documentation in the server tools plugin to properly link your groups and set your rank timers for each.

    Use Java 8 for RW. RW comes with an older Java 8 built in which will work, or install latest java 8 from

    Hi @red51,

    I have a friend who is getting back into RW but has an issue when joining (he gets Win10 blue screen loading into MP servers). Single player runs smooth for him. He verified file integrity etc. I get the following from server log when he joins, have any idea what it may be? Corrupt server profile perhaps? He is the only one having this problem but I must note he is using a different PC. I will be remoting into his PC within an hour and will update this thread if I find anything. *Edit: updating his Nvidia GT 730 (GPU) driver did not help (Win 10 8GB RAM), latest Java 8 .. also tried with java uninstalled so it uses game supplied java 8 version.

    LOADPLAYER: Razarac (76561198058610764)
    2019/04/09 04:31 PM: Server Validate Auth Ticket Response: 110000105dca04c - 110000105dca04c OK
    SERVER: REQUEST IMAGE INFO 12 net.risingworld.api.utils.ImageInformation@40233b9e
    SERVER: REQUEST MODEL INFO 2 net.risingworld.api.utils.ModelInformation@b07935fc
    SERVER: REQUEST IMAGE INFO 13 net.risingworld.api.utils.ImageInformation@780b5dfb
    SERVER: REQUEST MODEL INFO 4 net.risingworld.api.utils.ModelInformation@78ab634f
    SERVER: REQUEST IMAGE INFO 16 net.risingworld.api.utils.ImageInformation@4ff05edb
    SERVER: REQUEST MODEL INFO 5 net.risingworld.api.utils.ModelInformation@5ce8e9bd
    SERVER: REQUEST IMAGE INFO 17 net.risingworld.api.utils.ImageInformation@10e1ef20
    SERVER: REQUEST MODEL INFO 6 net.risingworld.api.utils.ModelInformation@55e8dbd7
    SERVER: REQUEST IMAGE INFO 18 net.risingworld.api.utils.ImageInformation@2c86dcba
    SERVER: REQUEST MODEL INFO 7 net.risingworld.api.utils.ModelInformation@6d4f3ffd
    SERVER: REQUEST IMAGE INFO 19 net.risingworld.api.utils.ImageInformation@419d4d5a
    SERVER: REQUEST MODEL INFO 8 net.risingworld.api.utils.ModelInformation@b27597f2
    SERVER: REQUEST IMAGE INFO 20 net.risingworld.api.utils.ImageInformation@b6d03478
    SERVER: REQUEST MODEL INFO 9 net.risingworld.api.utils.ModelInformation@92d49f45
    SERVER: REQUEST IMAGE INFO 21 net.risingworld.api.utils.ImageInformation@43751e4
    SERVER: REQUEST MODEL 8 net.risingworld.api.utils.ModelInformation@b27597f2
    SERVER: REQUEST IMAGE 20 net.risingworld.api.utils.ImageInformation@b6d03478
    SERVER: REQUEST MODEL 9 net.risingworld.api.utils.ModelInformation@92d49f45
    SERVER: REQUEST IMAGE 21 net.risingworld.api.utils.ImageInformation@43751e4
    ... (1) ChunkAdditions saved to DB!
    SERVER: REQUEST MODEL INFO 1 net.risingworld.api.utils.ModelInformation@5630483a
    SERVER: REQUEST IMAGE INFO 10 net.risingworld.api.utils.ImageInformation@318bdcc8
    SERVER: REQUEST IMAGE INFO 11 net.risingworld.api.utils.ImageInformation@d9f3b6b9
    SERVER: REQUEST MODEL INFO 10 net.risingworld.api.utils.ModelInformation@353d4319
    SERVER: REQUEST IMAGE INFO 22 net.risingworld.api.utils.ImageInformation@d1cb92a
    SERVER: REQUEST IMAGE INFO 23 net.risingworld.api.utils.ImageInformation@35929da2
    SERVER: REQUEST MODEL INFO 0 net.risingworld.api.utils.ModelInformation@75c0906f
    SERVER: REQUEST IMAGE INFO 0 net.risingworld.api.utils.ImageInformation@b067ee00
    SERVER: REQUEST IMAGE INFO 1 net.risingworld.api.utils.ImageInformation@eb7b830c
    SERVER: REQUEST IMAGE INFO 2 net.risingworld.api.utils.ImageInformation@7df4f3dc
    SERVER: REQUEST IMAGE INFO 3 net.risingworld.api.utils.ImageInformation@d748ec46
    SERVER: REQUEST IMAGE INFO 4 net.risingworld.api.utils.ImageInformation@bcf785ae
    SERVER: REQUEST IMAGE INFO 5 net.risingworld.api.utils.ImageInformation@17b2984f
    SERVER: REQUEST IMAGE INFO 6 net.risingworld.api.utils.ImageInformation@81f5768f
    SERVER: REQUEST IMAGE INFO 7 net.risingworld.api.utils.ImageInformation@b01ede73
    SERVER: REQUEST IMAGE INFO 8 net.risingworld.api.utils.ImageInformation@d00d7b4a
    SERVER: REQUEST IMAGE INFO 9 net.risingworld.api.utils.ImageInformation@76ae1b65
    SERVER: REQUEST MODEL INFO 3 net.risingworld.api.utils.ModelInformation@9f1155a4
    SERVER: REQUEST IMAGE INFO 14 net.risingworld.api.utils.ImageInformation@7a6ab3ea
    SERVER: REQUEST IMAGE INFO 15 net.risingworld.api.utils.ImageInformation@bf01482
    Worldpart generating...
    Biomepart generating...
    Loaded Biomepart from cache: -1 - -2 (1ms)
    Loaded Worldpart (v3) from cache: -1 - -3 (82ms)
    Worldpart generating...
    Biomepart generating...
    Loaded Biomepart from cache: 0 - 0 (1ms)
    Loaded Worldpart (v3) from cache: 1 - 0 (68ms)
    [LUA][AreaProtection 3.0] CHEST:11172
    SQLite: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RisingWorldDedicatedServer\plugins\doorprotection/database.db
    [NPCs] Pannel: maxNPCs[6]
    2019/04/09 04:31 PM
    INFO: Removed Biomepart at -2, -1
    Worldpart generating...
    Biomepart generating...
    Loaded Biomepart from cache: -2 - -1 (1ms)
    Loaded Worldpart (v3) from cache: -3 - -1 (70ms)
    ... (1) ChunkAdditions saved to DB!
    2019/04/09 04:31 PM
    INFO: Removed Biomepart at -1, -2
    ... (1) ChunkAdditions saved to DB!
    2019/04/09 04:32 PM
    INFO: Removed Worldpart at -3, -1
    2019/04/09 04:32 PM
    INFO: Removed Biomepart at 0, 0
    Worldpart generating...
    Biomepart generating...
    Loaded Biomepart from cache: -1 - 0 (1ms)
    Loaded Worldpart (v3) from cache: -2 - 0 (70ms)
    ... (1) ChunkAdditions saved to DB!
    [TcpProtocolDecoder ExceptionCaught] / An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host... (1) ChunkAdditions saved to DB!

    yes sleep in a bed or tent to set a death spawn (so if you die you respawn there). I believe stamina is replenished as well. In real life, sleep is overrated. :)

    oh i have remembered this always intermittently doing the same, not just since the update, but for as long as I have been playing at least.

    what I find happens is, even though you have the board 'frozen' it takes rotational inputs while frozen .. so you inadvertently rotate the piece while it is frozen (even though it doesnt appear to have been rotated until unfrozen). so when you unfreeze, it rotates to the new position it registered while frozen. e.g. you position a beam free hand .. freeze into place .. if you hit any of the rotation keys by accident then unfreeze, the board will move. very annoying and hard to explain the problem.

    I'm guessing this need to be updated? /npc follow 1 or hotkey enable activation mode .. F key reports' 'No NPC found' when trying to get to follow. Language plugin is installed, yes

    @red51 -- for a couple weeks now, I had players report to me they will enter the world floating waaay up in the sky occasionally, if they move they fall to their death. It was intermittent but I found out how to reproduce which is why I am posting about it now.

    To reproduce, kill yourself any which way you choose. QUIT game at 'Game Over' death screen. When you re-enter the server, you will spawn VERY high above your last sleep location. Usually in the clouds up high. I have not tested this in single player. This will reproduce every time I have tried, and had a player test as well. Click 'respawn' at death screen works as to be expected. If you QUIT at death screen, you will become a skydiver upon next join.

    People quitting after they die is very common with rage quitters. Please fix this bug for all the rage quitters out there!! :D

    Let me know if I can be further assistance.