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    If it helps any red51, when this happens (some plants not growing), I notice in server log after a restart I often get:

    Dedicated server is ready! (42.618 s)





    Thanks Juggernaut ! But were the reports really about this issue (e.g. pickaxe suddenly acting as rake)? If I understood the reports correctly, the user lost his tool for no apparent reason :wat:

    Yes (pickaxe/rake), happened in game while I was logged in with her. I had her log off and back in and it rectified itself. Told her to submit a report ... and to submit another report if it happened again which she said it did. I suspect it was lag related, her internet was acting up (high ping) when it happened. I also suspect it's a client side issue, I didn't notice the problem while looking at her character, switching back and forth, even trying it myself to see if I had the problem which I never have.

    Yes, basically the "admin" group is not related to the regular server admin permission. Basically the "admin" group is just a random group which is called "admin" ^^ It's intentional, but I admit that this is a bit confusing... maybe it's better that if there is a group that's called "admin", it will automtically override server admin permissions? :thinking:

    well, it's usually just the server owner who adds their UID to as admin ... what confused me initially was the server permission itself, "Permissions_AdminsFullPermissions" ... you think if that were true, ALL commands would work, but they do not. Some commands (and permissions) can only be enabled in a separate admin group (e.g. watertools) in which case regular server admin permission needs to be set to false. I think it would be best if all server (and in game) admin permissions and commands are enabled if their UID (steam or standalone) is added to as admin and Permissions_AdminsFullPermissions=true

    edit admin.json in permissions folder and add: "watertools": true (being careful to keep the same syntax as other entries)

    save the changes (save the modified admin.json)

    note: the watertools entry is not listed, but can be added.

    note: in file, make sure it is set to: Permissions_AdminsFullPermissions=False (otherwise your admin group permission change will not be used if your steam UID is added to as admin)

    Once done, either reboot the server OR open console and enter command reloadpermissions

    red51 - as with java version, if Permissions_AdminsFullPermissions=True, full permissions are not actually used and bypasses any entries you make to your admin group.

    Galochka I attached the admin.json file I edited to include watertools and other commands that are not listed in the example file for reference


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    Was it the abandoned cabin that spawns naturally in the Java version? Otherwise, could you maybe send me the BP via PM, so I can take a closer look at this? ^^

    It is a log cabin I built in the java version. Sending you a PM now, thanks

    two suggestions: make a dedicated hand slot (hand inventory slot and extra hand slot we can switch to instead of needing to unload an item if we do not want to see the placement 'preview' of the item in that slot. Also if possible, reduce the lag we get switching hand slots (it still lags when switching and not instant like we are used to in Java version).

    *Bug: spawned in a log cabin from java version, spawned in very well, but texture '106' as shown by snapping to a construction element (log) did not match to building texture 106 to match (visibly different, the #106 displayed after BP spawn did not match and darker than #106 picked from crafting. Some texture mismatch is at play (could not find the proper texture to perfectly match what was spawned in from BP).

    may have something to do with the new texture scaling feature in after thought.

    Thank you Red51 = my favorite German ... need to market RW with having 'therapeutic value' ... e.g. 'Being creative and listening to excellent in game ambient music and sound effects coupled with great eye candy with endless creative possibilities reduces stress' <<--- true story --- Kudos to your sound people, please add more: (music and realistic sound effects .. does wonders for immersion' and thank you for your hard work, attention to detail and regular involvement with your community. <3 ya

    I had this problem as well (at JiW splashscreen, game would CTD).

    Instead of uninstalling the game, close Steam, and delete the "_New Version" folder located here:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RisingWorld\_New Version

    Then relaunch steam and it should re-download the unity version of RW and fix the issue.

    OK, I was able to get this resolved. Unfortunately I do not know specifically what it was. Went through and disabled all non essential Windows 11 functions I prefer not to have, and tweaked my UEFI/BIOS some after updating to latest. Updated the Samsung 800 pro firmware and setup OP (Over provisioning). I didn't have a chance to try your last two suggestions ( red51 ), I figured I'd try launching 1st thing this morning after my work last night and it worked. I'll let you know if I can identify what caused it. I appreciate your input!

    Hi red51

    Windows 11 Pro -- all latest updates on a clean new PC build.

    i5 12600K (latest Alder Lake CPU - 12gen)

    Asrock Z690 Pro RS with latest bios (mobo)

    Samsung 980 Pro 1TB M.2 NVME

    32GB RAM (DDR4 3200)

    GTX 1660 Ti (w/ latest Nvidia Driver 511.23)

    Unity version works fine.

    Java version will attempt to launch then Java coughs up the attached error logs (1st log using built in java).

    Installed latest version of Java thinking it may be a problem with the older packaged java in game. No dice (see 2nd log).

    Looks like a compatibility issue with Windows 11 (still works on my older Win 10 pc). Anyone here able to run RW Java version in Windows 11??

    *NOTE* Alder Lake (gen 12 Intel CPUs) did have an issue with some games but have since been fixed by Intel (DRM issues with certain games), so I am not sure if this may be related. Here is a link to the old article about this issue:…drm-game-list-workaround/

    Just wanted you to be aware.


    awesome. glad it worked!! Now make a backup ASAP! :)

    NOTE!! Very important to properly shutdown the server before doing a backup, or risk corrupting the main world DB.

    I recommend weekly backups at least (Daily if you have a lot of traffic). Then archive monthly backups for an entire year (save one backup for each month and archive 1 years worth = 12 backups on an external drive). This has saved me more than once due to hardware failure.