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The crafting update for the new version is now available!

    I had this happen before and it was due to a failing hard drive (SSD drive that needed cooling, was overheating and corrupting files). I was able to fix by 1st fixing my cooling issue by adding a heatsink to my SSD (or replace the failing drive - hope you have backups!!), then restoring the world 'parts' DBs that were corrupted (a 'world part' makes up many chunks) and is in the "worldParts" folder.

    #1 - you need a recent backup of not just your world DB, but your entire worldParts folder (backup your entire server folder daily or at least weekly - archive monthly backups).

    #2 - Identify which world part DB is corrupted. Go to the problem area in game and press F3. On this big hud menu, it will tell you which world part you are in. Take careful note which world part you are in, could be for example "wp0_-11.db" or "wp0_11.db" (11 without the minus). Undeveloped worldpart DBs are 20k in size, will be larger than 20k if that area has been constructed upon. Compare the wp0 (world part DBs from latest backup with those in server folder). I found that if the DB becomes corrupted, it reverts that entire world part and anything within it back to default SEED (so if backup reads that world part as 1,512kb in size and your server folder shows the same db as 20kb, it got restored to seed, thus deleting all modifications within it back to the way it was when 1st created). A building can be in 2 world parts (at the border of world parts) which would result in half the structure being shaved away.

    #3 - once you identify which world part has been affected, restore it from your most recent backup.

    #4 - i believe a chunk is only 12x12 or 24x24 block in size. A world part is much larger than that, (the more developed a world 'part', the more chunks it contains). I had several claims affected and traced the border of the world part and was approx 12x12 map grid squares (or larger), and any loss of parts of buildings. You may want to look around a huge area to see if you lost other buildings/claims etc. Claims that crossed worldpart borders, looked like they were cut in half (half build, half nature).

    In my case, I found 2 world part DBs in the 'worldparts' folder that were corrupted, which affected many builds. If I refreshed the map in those areas, i noticed all modifications got refreshed out, back to nature. I then marked the world part boundary on my map and could see I lost a lot of builds, until I restored them from backup. I used F3 in game HUD menu to identify where world parts ended and others started while riding horse, then marked them on my map and checked nearby builds within the corrupted world parts. fun fun

    I hope this helps and that you have backups!!

    Good luck

    Steam is a bug filled mess. They do update frequently, but startup options can be lost in my experiences with updates they frequently push.

    It's always best to launch your RW server outside of steam. DO NOT launch the server from within the Steam browser.

    Just make a shortcut to rw_server.exe (java) or RisingWorldServer.exe (unity). Both will read from your server properties.cfg file for proper settings when you launch, F steam ;)


    Yes, I know. I killed all bears, sceletons, bandits and uneccessary npcs. But it's a very very big world and to run to every place and kill them would be impossible.

    Every model tooks time to load, but I don't wanna miss my stuff, tooks me hours to place it all. ^^

    Yes I understand, WF world is very old and large as well. Are you joking about running everywhere to kill unnecessary NPCs?? :D How many NPCs in your world? Check the server logs and it lists the number of NPCs every time you load the server. I had over 300K NPCs once and it caused problems until I discovered it after mounts were added (remember NPCs will auto spawn in from other players exploring, especially on mounts as they can travel faster and trigger spawns). Would be easier to remove NPCs via main world DB (while server is not running ofcourse), or run command:

    deleteallnpcs [npctype]

    Deletes all NPCs in your world. Optionally you can restrict this command to a specific NPC type only. If you just want to disable all NPCs, type "deleteallnpcs CONFIRM"

    Example: deleteallnpcs bandit

    Synonyms: deletenpcs

    Don't rely on 3rd party backup tools. Manually back up ALL of your old server files (RisingworldDedicatedServer folder) from the last known PC that can properly run it onto a flash drive or external hard drive 1st. Then, Right click | properties the original folder, and do the same with your latest backup. Compare the two property windows to be sure they have the same number of files . You are trying to restore old worlds using an INcomplete backup obviously. Poster images are located in the Worlds folder, then inside the name of your world, then 'customimages'. Can try copying entire 'customimages' folder to the new PC into the proper location. The freezing you are getting is most likely due to using an incomplete backup / restore (lacking all prerequisite files).

    Close all programs, make sure steam is not running.

    Manually backup from working PC via Windows file explorer: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ RisingWorldDedicatedServer

    Compare your backup folder with the original (right click each | properties) - should be same size and number of files ).

    Now copy this folder to the same location onto the NEW PC, replacing the one that is currently there.

    *NOTE* If you want to run the old server (java) and new server (unity) on the same PC at the same time, you need to run the old java server from a different folder e,g. C:\RisingworldDedicatedServer. Otherwise, you will break both servers, OLD and NEW need to be run from different folders.

    Sounds like a video driver issue. I inspected your log, and on your laptop uses the NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3060 laptop GPU and it's using old driver "461.66" latest driver is up to "466.63"

    Your laptop actually has two GPUs (low powered Intel UHD for battery saving for non gaming tasks, and the GTX 3060 GPU for gaming). Your laptop will automatically use the correct GPU depending if you are gaming or not, BUT this is controlled by the driver, which is why I suggest upgrading to the latest available driver for your GTX 3060 GPU found below, I suspect it may be using the wrong GPU which may be causing your issue.

    Try using the latest laptop video driver for your Alienware laptop here instead of what Alienware supplies:…Results.aspx/175870/en-us

    Don't forget spiderlings (baby spiders) and rats (other NPCs that don't spawn in on their own).

    Now that the latest Java version has built in NPC culling for skeletons, I would love to see snakes, rats and spiderlings spawn in automatically like the others. I often spawn them in various places for players and they work quite well aside the spiderlings, they will despawn after a couple hours or so. I'd like to see them grow to full size over a few day span. :) *I remember Red removing the rat years back when we discovered an early version of the RW NPC update caused lag on servers when too many NPCs were spawned in the world and the Dirty Rat was suspect. The later update autoculls skeletons after 1 or 2 days and the rat was never added back in (and spiderling, minipig, snake etc). 'I think' this would be a simple NPC update knowing the content is already there and useable via spawnnpc.

    editnpcclothes (alone with no arguments will strip the NPC to underwear)

    editnpcclothes militaryhelmet militarypants militaryboots (will change clothes to just helmet, pants and boots for example)

    (Use any clothes/armor/costume type or combination you want)

    givenpcitem flashlight (will give NPC a flashlight which it will start using)

    givenpcitem musket (will give NPC a musket which it will use and start shooting if it is a bandit or skeleton NPC)

    (Equip NPC with any tool or weapon of your choice)

    editnpc (will bring up in game GUI to edit NPC name, change the sex, hair style, eye color, lock or unlock etc)

    getnpchere (while pointing at, or entering the NPC ID, will move that NPC to your location)

    spawnnpc dummy (spawns non hostile dummy NPC wearing same clothes as yourself)

    spawnnpc bandit (spawns hostile NPC dressed in traditional bandit clothing, random melee, torch or archer)

    spawnnpc skeleton ((1-5) - example - spawnnpc skeleton 5 will spawn in a samurai skeleton)

    setnpcinvincible (1 or 0) (1 = on 0 = off)

    Tips: if you lock a bandit or skeleton, it will not attack, even when provoked. You can try caging a hostile UNlocked bandit which usually works (as a defensive 'sentry') but they may escape at some point due to lag hiccup or poorly built cage. I find some materials work better than others. Bannister 2x2 cage rails seems to hold them best but allowing them to shoot (unlike blocks or solid walls which will prevent hostile from attacking unless u are inside with them). Doors are not recommended as they are often able to walk through them as if they are not there (collision detection seems to be only on one side for NPCs, but both sides for players). I have several places on my server where armed 'soldiers' will shoot on site (either caged to guard one spot or wandering/patrolling) in a military base of ours. Or maybe a couple archers guarding the entrance to a castle? Dungeon challenge perhaps? ;) ~enjoy

    I share your sentiment, and my son and I were discussing this same topic the other day. It seems the best innovation and magic comes from Indies who still have a passion for what they do. Many many skilled devs work for AAA titles and use all the latest tools to make amazing games, but as you said certain features are often left out. AAA devs are often over worked to meet unrealistic deadlines. Keep in mind, they work on multiple projects and are expected to deliver/finish within a timeframe which is not ideal for the additional depth and content we crave. They usually work for a large corporation who seeks a return on investment A$AP. I used to provide IT support for groups of developers for a large company. As many hours I worked each week (60+), the devs often worked a lot more to meet deadlines unrealistically set forth by their uppers. Long hours and stress working a corporate job can often kill the passion of those who slave under it. They don't have time to create the content you seek because they simply are expected to quickly finish and move onto the next project, which also stifles passion and innovation. We only have 24hrs each day, and we all have mouths to feed and bills to pay. What you seek in games takes ALOT more time than you may realize, even with the latest tools and tricks in their arsenal. Remember, a company needs to remain profitable to stay in business. Many Indie Devs make little to no profit but work their passion w/ the limited free time they have. Most need to keep a day job they may hate outside of their passion to survive, which is why the best games always take so long to create.

    It always helps us to help you if you provide at least a basic list of hardware specs of your PC/Laptop.

    Laptop/Desktop? What CPU (Intel or AMD and what model/speed)? What Video Card (Nvidia, AMD or integrated Intel)? How much RAM installed (8GB, 16GB, 32GB)? Which OS you running (Windows, Linux, MAC)?? Is it a brand named computer? If so, Make and Model number? Custom built PC?

    If you are not able to easily identify your specs, install and run CPU-Z (free and safe), it will scan and detect what hardware you are running and you can relay that information back over to us:

    Otherwise, we can't really help you unless you provide more information so we can narrow down the issue.

    Remember, the new Unity version uses a different game engine which requires a bit more power from your PC than the Java version (Video Card in particular).

    You need to properly forward the RW ports on BOTH the router (hardware) and Windows Server firewall (software). Search "firewall" on Windows server (advanced settings), you want to configure incoming and outgoing rules for that port range (TCP and UDP).

    I'm guessing the Linux version of RW is incompatible with WSL. Seeing you run WSL on a Windows machine to also run Linux, why not just use the Windows version of RW vs trying to run the Linux version via WSL?

    • Rising World Standalone Universal (Jan 23rd 2020)
    • Rising World Standalone Linux (Jan 23rd 2020)
    • Rising World Standalone MacOS (Jan 23rd 2020)
    • Rising World Standalone Windows (Jan 23rd 2020)

    Issue resolved. Turned out to be an issue with my ISP on one of their subnets. They were clueless, so had to implement a workaround using MAC cloning on my router to trick their gear to place me into a different subnet, which now works fine. Connections are now working again, no more 999 etc.

    Been hosting for a long time. Nothing has changed. Server is listed but with 999 ping for players. Port Forwards are still setup correct on router (4254:4259) to same static IP (server). updated and reset router AND modem AND server .. same problem still exists. Internet connection is working fine, I can browse, speedtests are fine, playing online games are fine. Added windows firewall rules to see if that is it, no dice :( (manually opened 4254:4259). Steam, rising world, dedicated server all added to avast exception list. I'm at a loss. I'm able to join my server fine, but it's on my LAN. Other players see 999 ping and can't connect. *EDIT* Issue resolved, see below

    @red51 thanks for the updates! But see the following:

    [Change] Skeletons die automatically after ~30 hours (making room for new skeletons to spawn)

    Can we change this so invincible skeletons do not die? The reason being is we had several customized/locked skeleton NPCs that disappear after the 30hr mark (grim reaper, gatekeepers etc).