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    It looks like this permission is unused :wat: Instead there is a setting Settings_PlayerListShowDistance in the file (which should work). Not sure if we should keep the permission, too (maybe the server setting is sufficient for that?)

    Yes I am aware of the ... was hoping to just disable for certain permission groups I have setup, not for all. thanks

    Not condoning what Bozbird did, but, Tarkus0 instead, why not properly lock down your server? You can make it so no signs can be edited unless they own them inside their claims. Can prevent them from using BPs ... or even if they do use BP can lock to inside claim only. Can also make it so they cannot BP any structure they do not own. Instead of complaining about what some kids do, explain how you stop it. Start with default.json .. make sure u lock everything you don't want them using. Create groups, create guest permissions for claims etc. and TEST, have regular players help you test it is locked down proper vs finding out the hard way by some immature child on an ego trip. no offense, just my 2 cents, been hosting game servers off and on for decades.

    yes it was also Bozbird who spammed blueprints in unwanted areas on my own server

    How is this possible if you have blueprints properly locked down via default.json? I know with vanilla claim protection I have default permissions set to all of them (via Guest permissions which is a copy of default.json), so if they are not owner, it's default.json (no BPs etc)

    Regardless, was a crappy thing what Bozbird did. But it's ultimately on us if we leave the doors unlocked, players like Boz will exploit and create a mess, like a child.

    So the protection is quasi group related and not area related?

    1st we have default permissions (default.json) which applies to all. We have group permissions which apply to anyone in that group (make a file with a group name your want e.g. newgrouper.json -- you can then add yourself to this 'group' if newgrouper.json resides in group folder). We also have area permissions, which apply within the area only. Area permissions will have higher priority over group and default permissions and reside in 'areas' folder. But you 1st must make your group/area json files .. before you can add players to group or area permissions. If you dont make any area or group permission files (those folders are empty by default), then everyone is just using default.json. default >>> group >>> areas

    resolved. was a static water pond / handmade .. when flowing water was used, was flowing out the stream on other side.

    Thanks for the update red51 Just wanted to report the riding mount not rendering proper for onlookers is still out of sync (they don't see me riding the actual horse, nor do i see them. the horse stays put, when they mount they stand straight up inside horse and not on top .. then their character moves along as they ride but the horse remains still). I'm sure you are aware but wanted to make sure. thanks again for the hotfixes!!

    It's a weird issue... the only thing we could do now is adding a new debug command to print more information about the dead bodies into the log file. We will add a debugcorpses command with the next update. Once the update is ready (probably in a few days), please try this: Type the debugcorpses command into console (no specific permissions etc required) before the target player (the one you want to loot) dies (which could also be your own body ofc), then wait until the player is dead (or commit suicide) and try to loot the corpse. Probably it still won't work, but then please send another report while looking at the particular corpse (it will contain more information about the corpse state and about what happened to the corpse before).

    red51 Hi, I submitted a bug report and had my player (Remmy) do the same following these instructions. It appears the body I see, is 2 blocks from where she sees it. A sync issue of some sort. I am able to access body inventory, she is not able to (3 dot menu doesn't come up). Please let me know if there is anything else we can do to help. Thanks!!

    Red_Baron  red51 I had the same issue twice with one player. I was with him and what triggered it was land smoothing. Started out as a blob as though I placed it, then started spreading and spreading consuming server resources. I couldn't stop it either using water removal (more was being added than I was removing). I took the server down, leveled the water in single player.

    Then a couple days later, it happened again (when he was raking near the portal and waters edge). This time I had him delete his portal and move it to higher land away from the shore as that was where it seemed to start happening. It hasn't happened again.

    I need to do further testing to identify the cause, but it seemed to originate from the portal being too close to the water, and smoothing land via rake or creative tools set it off. Not sure if you are using the WTG Portal plugin?

    Unfortunately I would also need the Chunks.db... The relevant files are basically the Chunks.db, the Meta.db and the World.db

    Chunks I sent to you already via PM .. a link u can dload from my Gdrive. Attached is meta

    Well, in the Java version, the player got sometimes suddenly attacked by a boar or bear when walking through forests, which caused some frustration sometimes... we wanted to make sure to have a few more indicators if an npc has detected the player (the heartbeat was supposed to be one of these indicators) ^^

    Aggressive animals also play a "roar" animation (and a sound accordingly) when they detect the player, but I'm afraid there is still a chance to miss that (especially if the animal is not in the fov of the player) :silenced:

    Yes I understand, which should be a configurable option so players who want more survival challenge/ realism have that option .. vs being warned. :) (a lot of us like hard settings, not to be hand held so much -- more survival focused).

    I do love the roar and animal sounds, the heartbeat sound just seems misplaced to me (they often can be heard from far away even when flying).

    ut does it work if you change a region with the overrideregion command (when using "snow" instead of "cold")? Just to make sure it's "just" a spawn problem of the biomes (and not a bigger issue that for some reason the other biomes cannot be handled properly).

    Yes this command works well (using snow vs cold) .. did both a cold and dry region in unused sectors. Love how it warns and shows if there are any construction elements and objects as a precaution. TY!!! The backup option does not work on a server though, only SP.

    Sidenote: goto #dryregion and #coldregion still take me to default temperate locations, and do not detect the ones I spawned in. (spawn a cold to the nearest unused sector and a dry to the searest southernly sector)

    Thanks! :) Unfortunately I could only verify that there are indeed no other regions... is there maybe a chance you could send me the world instead (no need for posters etc, just the .db files)? Then I could test it in my dev environment. Or is the world too big?

    word.db is small and will PM u right away, the chunks is approx 500MB but can send that too via link if you need that one too.

    RE: Heartbeat warning - Are you looking for a game setting to disable it, or a serverside setting? We'd still appreciate any feedback about this sound. If it's causing too much confusion, it's probably better to remove it?

    Both would be ideal (server and client side setting). Personally it goes against the challenge of 'survival' of predators sneaking up on you. In survival, you should be aware of your surroundings, predators tend to be very quiet for obvious reasons. :)

    The sound is fine if appropriately triggered by: low stamina .. or taking damage/anxiety. Instead of a heartbeat sound if a predator spots you, perhaps their 'attack sound' can be used as a warning (but only if warning is enabled) -- roar, hiss, etc

    They have to actually craft a new modern workbench for some recipes to unlock. Its not enough to just have one already or pick up and place one back down if its an existing world.

    My player already has a modern workbench, yet still sees question marks. has all required resources for question marked items in inventory. ore, ingot etc .. modern workbench .. still sees 5 question marks.

    But perhaps he stole it vs crafting it. I will check and report back. ty Red_Baron

    *Update: still had problem. Had player destroy the one he stole. And craft a new modern workbench using his resources. still saw 5 question marks. I then had him relog .. and the question mark issue resolved itself. FYI red51

    He also got this:

    I was wondering the same but as expected it's just you have to find the appropriate ore to unlock the recipes so it's intended and not a bug! Once you find the ores you unlock the recipes that are marked as ? at first

    This is not true. Testing with a player right now had all required resources and proper bench yet still see's question marks. 2 other players had same problem but now have no more question marks. they are uncertain how they unlocked them.

    There is definitely a problem, very confusing for players (and admins alike :)

    Now that's really weird :wat: If you press F3, the 3rd line shows your current biome and region. Which region is it? Is it also "Default", or "Snow"?

    Does it always teleport you to the same (wrong) sector? Or is it always a different one?

    Most always 'Default' but sometimes 'ocean' (never 'snow, never 'dry' when using goto #dryregion (or #coldregion)). the sectors do change, but always within 1 (e.g. 1 1 , -1 1 , 0 1 etc)

    *Note: Something that may give us a clue as to what may be going on, this server world was originally seeded with:


    HOWEVER .. the seed the world sits in can no longer be replicated using the same seed in single player any more. This changed after an early update, so I am unable to reproduce this seed using the same: "WildFrontiers"

    red51 I can make you an admin if you ever want to pop on and look around to troubleshoot at anytime. I can add your Steam UID (which I have) to if you like.