Server permissions broken?

  • I have my default permissions set up to allow players teleportation and to keep inventory upon death, but it's not working.

    For normal players, the permission command.teleportplayer is showing up as false.
    Also, I am part of the Admin group, that under general, has only fly specified:

    So I would think that I inherit keepinventory: true from normal players, which is indeed true for them.
    Nope, not happening. In the admin group, it shows as false for me.
    When i reset my group to null, it shows as true, then I reassign myself as admin, it still shows as true.
    Then I relog, and it shows as false again.

    This is just so messed up I cannot get my head around it.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    (Also, the spacing is set up correctly -- i.e. the sublines under commands, general, customimages, blueprints and creative start 4 spaces in from the start of the row, it's only collapsed here on the forum for some reason.)

  • Basically it's true, group permissions inherit from the default.permissions. However, if you're an actual "admin" on the server (i.e. if you put your UID in the, next to the "admins" key), your current permission group will be ignored. To change this behaviour, you can set settings_admins_all_permissions (in the to false ;)

    Your permissions files look fine to me, although it's difficult to find any errors in there due to the broken indenting (when using a [spoiler] tag in our forum, all leading spaces will be removed unfortunately)... maybe you can send me the actual permission files, either via PM, or alternatively via email to :)

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