i had alot of ideas for updates

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    • i had alot of ideas for updates

      like: a jungle where you can find Apes, parrots, Flamingoes..., a sort of wingsuit and a parachute,of coarse a train, an energy system so you can power the radiator and lights, oil that you can use for smearing wheels of any vehicle and find in dry dirt,savannah and desert biomes and place an oil rig on it and a oil rig platform on oceans, deeper oceans where you can find fishes e.g. Sharks, Squids,Manta's,Jelly's,living coral that attracts smaller fishes and swordfishes, a Swamp where you can find Crocodiles, more Worms, Beavers, Turtles and dragonflies
    • Sounds awesome body, hit it, i'll be on your side :D I'm also recommeding a power system but it shouldn't be easy to get the power, so I'm suggesting some kind of machine parts that can be built and by assembling them we should create something like generators, wind turbines etc. And also we would need flowing water and some legit wind effects to use them as our renewable sources alongside with your proposal of oil rigs etc. Hoping this game develops greater.
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