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  • Hello!

    Since last night I've been unable to connect to the server i usually play on, cause when i try to conenct, the game gets stuck on the loading screen. Usually at about 80%. Tried numerous times and always the same. After about 60% the loading gets slower and eventually stops. Tried waiting too and no results. Even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Wont let me use Esc key to go back to main menu eighter, only option is to force close the game. Tried connecting to other servers and no problems. Appearently theres now another player with the same issue. My laptop has 4gb RAM and 1.9GHz processor. I know that at the least the Ram bit i have in common with the other player. Also, there is no error log produced.
    Any ideas?


  • If this only happens with a particular server (while other servers and singleplayer work fine), it's most likely related to the server (so the issue is not on your end). If a server hasn't been restarted in a long time or if it runs out of memory, players often get stuck in the loading screen. Basically the loading bar just indicates how many chunks have already been generated - once all chunks depending on your view distance are loaded, the loading bar goes to 100%. But in order to generate a chunk, the client has to request it from the server first. If it gets no response for a particular chunk, the client skips the loading process after a given amount of time, but this does not work if there are too many missing chunks.
    In some rare cases it also happens if the player data is corrupted, although the loading bar usually gets stuck < 10% in this case, so that's unlikely. Maybe you can post the server ip here?

  • The server gets restarted daily as far as i know. When i contacted an admin about the issue with connecting, he asked the owners to restart to try to resolve it, sadly it didnt work.
    Also according to the owner of the server, the server itself runs on low capacity to its resources.
    server IP is

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