Delayed actions resulting inn bounce from game

We've posted a status update with some first screenshots of the new terrain generation. There is also a new update available for the Java version!

  • Delayed actions resulting inn bounce from game

    While logging into the game a message displayed about an error with the steam update. I closed steam and restarted the whole process again. I did fine while I was alone in the game. I went tho where the other person was developing an area along an ocean biome. When I got near to where I had done some work earlier in the game I saw what I had done but nothing of the odeth things that had been there for days and the game got jumpy. I sat for a bit waiting for the game to catch up. When I arrived at the area where the other person had placed buildings They were not visible. I did a report and left the game.
    report_1555903959498 Upon returning everything was visible.

    I apparently failed to delete a not so well place blueprint so we were dismantling it. Immediately the game became unresponsive to efforts to use the pickaxe. It became inaccurate at what it destroyed for both of us in the game. We were on opposite ends of the structure. I was kicked from the game at least 3 times before I decided to log out of steam and reboot the server
    Upon reopening steam it updated once more but took much longer than usual in the updating.
    As soon as I was reentering RW the other player began having problems again. Problems began again immediately same as above. I did a report and left the game. The other player remained and all his problems disappeared. upon looking at the files I saw the hs err message also


    All the errors are attached below (if I did it right)
    If I gave too much information let me know! Just did not want you to have to play 20 questions.
    Thanks a bunch


    2019-0421 7 error