My wants (long).

Trello update: The last weeks we've been improving the terrain generation and we've also put some effort into making landscapes smoother in general (to avoid bumpy terrain). Apart from that, we've also been working on new building tools. You find more information on Trello, but also expect an announcement about the recent changes soon
  • First of all, I really love this game. Steam shows me having played 253 hours so far. I've played one game with a friend and now doing a solo run. I'm excited about it and even more excited for what it might become. After posting this, I'm going to go give it a great review on Steam.

    I really appreciate all the hard work and the attention that the dev is giving to the game and it's fans. Thank you! Might be the best $15 I ever spent in the gaming world!

    But this says suggestions, so here are mine. I understand that some or all of these might be too much work or are just never going to happen. But they are things I'd love to see if there was a magic genie that granted gaming wishes.

    The number is my rank of "I want" on a scale of 1-10.

    I'm sure some, if not many of these, have already been suggested. I also understand that many of these might already be in the works, there might be plugins that accomplish them, or I just don't know that they already exist in the game. Please comment. I'd love to know if I'm missing something!


    10 - More game-extending goals. I know everyone wants this and that they're coming, but I want to give my idea at the end of this post, just for kicks.

    10 - Oceans need to be contiguous or at least much, MUCH larger. Getting the boat was awesome. I was going to travel all over the world. I thought it was going to open up so much to me through exploring. It was disappointing. I could have walked around the ocean in less time than it took me to get the mats for the boat.

    10 - Slower mid-game. It seems the game has a nice pace at the beginning and goals are well placed. However, for me, at about 20 hours, It suddenly sped up and I achieved way too much in just a couple of hours. Seems like there needs to be more progression between, say, steel ax and chainsaw, steel pick and mining drill, etc. Maybe another crafting table added in? Not sure. I just know I wanted it to be slower. Some things just seemed like they should have been more difficult to obtain. I guess added content could also help with this problem.

    10 - A way to split or draw a certain amount from a stack. (Maybe exists and I just haven't figured it out?)

    9 - Colored wood planks (saw-bench planks), especially for roofing (green, blue, red, gray) and walls/floors/ceilings with a painted look. A color picker would be dreamy.

    8 - More hotbar spaces and a way to one-click something from your inventory onto the hotbar (maybe it's there already and I'm missing it?).

    8 - More zoom out on maps. Much more. I'd like to be able to see the entirety of my explored areas, no matter how large.

    8 - More biomes. Many more. The more the better. Some should be more rare and have big payoffs. I'd like to have biomes that I don't discover until weeks into the game. That's hugely rewarding.

    6 - Better way to make paths and roads. Maybe the ability to place road segments where the slope would snap between them to make them nice and smooth.

    5 - Make the hunger and thirst indicators into meters or bars that you could continuously monitor without bringing up inventory.

    5 - Pets! I really want a dog running around, chasing deer out of my yard! Also be neat if I had a cat that would catch rats and curl up, purring in front of my fire.


    10 - Do really, really want moving water - rivers, and creeks. Would also be cool to be able to dam them to make ponds and lakes.

    7 - More flat areas. I'd like to see parts of valley floors or areas around oceans and lakes have larger flat areas that were good for building without spending so much time and effort raking and re-planting grass.

    7 - Friendly NPCs. You could trade with them, pay them to do work for you. Maybe even marry them?

    7 - More animal types and more variations of the animals already in the game. One of the things I always loved in that "other game" was trying to find and collect each color variation of horses. I'd also love to see things like rabbits, racoons, beavers, and some birds.

    6 - More variation with abandoned structures would be cool. Old broken houses, churches, barns, block buildings, ancient ruins and such.

    One last thing and it's a 10+ for want: the ABM plugin needs to be part of the main game or the game needs something equivalent included. This makes the game so much better. I don't really want to play without it now (even though a cow saying, "Yum Yum! Thank you!" is kind of...odd. lol).

    I'd also like to throw out my random idea for late game play. I don't know how feasible it is - I know it would be a ton of work - but it would keep me playing for a long time. Maybe...someday...down the road...?

    My idea is a little bit of a Mount and Blade sort of thing, if you've ever enjoyed that game.

    When the map is generated, it also generates borders and kingdoms. Each kingdom has at least one NPC town/city except the kingdom you spawn in, which will, of course, be empty and owned by you from the beginning (this isn't to say other kingdoms are off limits for mining, hunting, and everything else - other than the town /city which would be in an excluded area - just that they are not part of your kingdom on the map and you get no benefits from them).

    Some kingdoms are friendly. You can trade in the cities and even buy buildings. Some kingdoms will be "bandit kingdoms." They will be hostile toward you if you cross their borders or build too close.

    You have the ability to obtain kingdoms that border you and expand your kingdom.

    Each kingdom has a castle in its main town/city. In the friendly kingdoms, if you can come up with enough gold or whatever (it could also be based on some sort of reputation meter), you can buy the castle. That kingdom then merges as a province into your kingdom and your kingdom grows its borders. These friendly kingdom castles should be fairly difficult to obtain. You should have to grind for them.

    In the hostile kingdoms, the castle will have a dungeon. If you can make it to and complete a run of the dungeon, you gain the castle. Maybe the deed to the castle would be in a chest at the end. At that point, the bandits change to friendly NPCs and the kingdom becomes your province. These hostile kingdom castle-dungeons should also be difficult to win.

    The kingdoms would be procedurally generated along with the map so you would never run out of opportunities to build your kingdom to absurd hugeness.

    This could eventually be added to in so many ways. You could put money into your kingdom for the NPCs to make improvements. You could have a whole economy where one province centered on research and another would train troops that would help you protect your borders. Kingdoms could award you unique techs if you take them over. A kingdom could, say, specialize in weaponry and give you access to craft a legendary sword or whatever if you own the castle.

    I could go on and on with ideas, but I'll leave it there. :D

    Thanks for reading!

  • Great suggestions!

    I love the pets or sidekick idea. In that vain, I'd love to see the domestication of animals and requirements for feeding them, etc. to be built into the base game, and watering/weather requirements in the farming aspect too.

    Your Map suggestions are spot on. Multiple maps would beget to have (for different purposes). Perhaps one for mining/locations of rich resources, a different one for exploration, or different areas of the world?

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