Skill System/experience points/More food

  • I’d absolutely would love to see a Skill system for, say, cooking, weaving, bread baking, milling, farmer, builder, block maker(?), carpenter, miner, etc.. in this game!

    Wheat Plant would need to be in the game if Bread is(of course), as for the cook, it would be nice for more foods and crops to be added. Im thinking of a few new workbenches:
    •Bread Oven
    •Farmer’s Table
    •Library(for skill research, which each skill would have recipes of items that skill would deal with. For example, Lumber Jack skill would require an axe and wood log(s) to research)

    Experience points will be used to level up a player(if you don’t want it being more like Minecraft, the player could just have ‘roles’ instead of experience points)

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