Physics in Rising World

  • Just a note, adding physics wouldn't make the current water flow as it is in blocks. Best case scenario as the game stands would be the water blocks falling downwards due to gravity.

    Having said that dynamic water is planned but as it will break all existing worlds/servers it will be implemented after everything else together with the other terrain/biome related updates.

    Normal physics for everything will not be added to the game. The developer doesn't want to limit player creativity by having them care about putting together a proper frame for their house etc. Also physics would break every single player built structure to date which is something noone wants. As well as make building certain things e.g. the large ships you see, impossible with the existing planks/beams methods.

  • I am a fan of "structural integrity" for building - and for that reason I bought Medieval Engineers. Yes, I'd love to see it in Rising World, but at what cost? Engineers has very little development in other areas: limited biomes, no water, one animal type, a static world, etc. By limiting the game's scope in other areas, and being twice the size of the Rising World, they are able to do "structural integrity." Other games use "structural integrity" in building, as well as item placement and other niceties, but it takes a super computer to run those games.

    I would not want Red to limit Rising World's unique style of creativity and charm; Nor would I want it to be so big that it could not be ran on a household computer.

    As much as I would like to see "structural integrity" implemented, I don't see how it can be done - at the moment. The future is always open, though ...

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