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A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!

    What's up, everyone? I haven't been here in some time but I wanted to post here and let everyone know that I've freshened up the Discord a bit. All the channels that were there remain, but now they're sorted into their own categories. It should be a lot more welcoming for anybody just joining. :)

    I could use a bit of help. I added a German section to the Discord because I felt bad that I never included that half of the community. I used Google Translate to create the entire thing though so I'm sure I screwed something up... If anyone here wanted to better guide me on how I'd write rules and what I would name channels I'd be happy for the help. I'd also be willing to add some German speaking moderators if that would also help.

    For fear of typing more incorrect messaging I don't want to advertise this Discord on that side of the forums, but if anybody wants to spread awareness it would be appreciated. :D

    With a content update of this scale, you know I've gotta make more Rising World videos... ;)

    This time around I won't be staying in one area to just build endlessly. In Dungeon Run, I take to Rising World as a nomad, living off the land and exploring the world around me. This season is all about discovery and adventure. Enjoy!

    Hello, all! I've been lurking in the shadows, eagerly awaiting the new Rising World update so that I may start my new series. Sadly, with the spawn rates as they are, it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense to start that now. So instead, I just decided to do some coverage on the update as-is. Enjoy!

    I put up Rising World for "I Thought This Game Was Cool Before It Won An Award" award. Rising World has reached a lot of people despite really only word-of-mouth marketing. Perfect fit for this category.

    Hey all! I did a quick mod review for the Simple Cars plugin. It's mostly for people who haven't seen Rising World before, or haven't been paying attention as of late. Nevertheless, I thought I would post it here. :)

    Things are coming together pretty well! More people are logging in every day and I'm pretty excited about being apart of it. Thanks to everyone for all of your help and for checking out the channel. Let's keep it going! :D

    Hey all! Just an update on the Discord channel. A small handful of community members has joined so far. Screenshots have been shared and conversations have begun. It's cool to see it coming together! I just wanted to bump this thread a bit to say that I'm currently looking to add familiar names to the staff list for the channel. The only role we're really playing as staffers is to make sure spamming and trolling is dealt with when it needs to be. I'm not looking to create any kind of hierarchy or anything like that.

    If you're interested, PM me here and let me know your Discord name as well. I need people to PM me here to confirm their identity because anyone can put down any username in Discord itself.

    For those of you who have joined the channel, be sure to share it with your fellow Rising World players! It's not really going to serve a purpose if nobody joins it :P

    Thanks again, everyone! :D

    Good afternoon, all!

    With @Red51's blessing, I've put together a Discord channel for the whole of the Rising World community. If you don't know what Discord is, it's basically like TeamSpeak or Skype, but much more modern and universal. It's design tailors specifically to gamers and it's a great way to stay connect within specific groups/communities. It currently caters to our English speaking playerbase, but I'm very opened to adding German channels as well.

    Click the "Spoiler" for some over-explaining on how Discord works. :P

    Server Information:

    To join the server, click this link:

    If you don't have Discord downloaded already, that very same link will download it for you. You can also use it on your web browser if you don't feel like downloading it.

    Once there, take a quick look at the #rules channel because I also put some additional info in there as well as your normal "don't be dumb" rules. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them here! I'll be hand-picking staff members based on forum activity. If you're an active user here and you feel like helping me manage the Discord, please PM me on the forums and not through Discord.

    Hey, Warzone! Welcome to Rising World. :D

    I'm probably the wrong person to answer all of your questions about mods, but I think I can clear some of this up for you.

    So right now the only "mods" for rising world are actually Lua scripts. There's a whole section of the forums dedicated to it here: Lua Scripting

    It's my understanding that Lua scripting is on it's way out because the next Rising World update is going to incorporate a new Plugin API that uses (I THINK) Java. People are discussing that over here: Plugin Discussion

    There is no release date for the new update but Red (the lead Rising World dev) has already put out a "pre-version" of the new API for people to play with. However, if you wanted any kind of plugins today you would be limited to the Lua scripts currently available. These can be fun and helpful but don't add much in the way of UI changes.

    Anyway, I'm sure I made the pros here cringe enough with my lack of knowledge, so I'll step aside now. Have fun with Rising World!! You're here at a very interesting time for the game.

    Using my thumbnail image for Rising World, I made myself a new desktop background that I really like. Upon making it I figured that maybe the Rising World community would also appreciate it? So I've attached a bitly link that will take you to the Google Drive download page. I have both images in a zip folder. One contains the image I posted here with "The Beach" logo, and one of them is the same image but without the logo. Please Note that the image below is NOT the full resolution 1080p image.

    If you have any problems with the files just let me know. They're both PNG's and I suspect everyone should be able to use them on Windows, Mac or otherwise. :)

    Just wanted to give a quick Update on the status of future "Beach" episodes...

    I'm looking to put the series on the back-burner a bit. The new Dungeon update will mark a shift in the way I go forward with my Let's Play series, but I'm not sure if I'll make more before that update. I plan on playing a little bit this afternoon and seeing if I can get any inspiration.

    If I do go forward with videos before the update, I plan on editing them a bit differently than I have up to this point. Regardless of what happens, I'm pretty excited. :)

    Today I mix things up in the editing booth and spice up the intro/outro for Episode 16. I'm looking to make more fun changes to the series as episodes continue, so stay tuned and don't be afraid to leave some feedback. Enjoy!!

    Just a quick update for those who follow the series here... I finally got around to recording a new episode! It's scheduled to release at 2:30pm Eastern tomorrow. I'm pretty excited about it because I tried something new with my intro and outro that I think really spices things up a bit.

    I look forward to sharing it with you guys soon. :)