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We've posted a status update with some first screenshots of the new terrain generation. There is also a new update available for the Java version!

  • Unofficial Rising World Discord

    Good afternoon, all!

    With @Red51's blessing, I've put together a Discord channel for the whole of the Rising World community. If you don't know what Discord is, it's basically like TeamSpeak or Skype, but much more modern and universal. It's design tailors specifically to gamers and it's a great way to stay connect within specific groups/communities. It currently caters to our English speaking playerbase, but I'm very opened to adding German channels as well.

    Click the "Spoiler" for some over-explaining on how Discord works. :P
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    Why Discord?

    I wanted to create a place for people to chat about Rising World who are looking to have a more engaging conversation. I see this Discord server being used to meetup with friends to play on a particular server, share screenshots and building ideas, help new players out that are in a bind, sharing a quick YouTube video, etc... I think we could really benefit from a community Discord, the same way so many other growing indie games have.

    What About the Forums?

    The forums here are obviously very important. It's not my intention to take anything away from the forum at all, and I believe both Discord and the Forums can play an equal part in communicating outside the game. Forums are far superior for documentation. We can easily put all of our scripts/plugins here, information about our Rising World servers, suggestions for the game, etc... All of those topics on a forum are much easier to find then they are in a chatroom environment. What I can't do on the forums is send a message out saying "Hey, what servers are you guys playing on right now?" and get a response in a few seconds. People generally log into a forum a few times a day, but they'll keep Skype, TeamSpeak and in our case Discord opened all the time.

    Who's Running It?

    Currently myself and zFoxFire are the only ones in the channel. As days go on, I want to flesh out all of the staff roles, based on people who are already trusted members of the community. I'm just the guy who created it... I have no intention of micro-managing it. Once all the staff roles are picked, I don't expect newcomers will know who created it, or care to know.

    Server Information:

    To join the server, click this link:

    If you don't have Discord downloaded already, that very same link will download it for you. You can also use it on your web browser if you don't feel like downloading it.

    Once there, take a quick look at the #rules channel because I also put some additional info in there as well as your normal "don't be dumb" rules. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them here! I'll be hand-picking staff members based on forum activity. If you're an active user here and you feel like helping me manage the Discord, please PM me on the forums and not through Discord.

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  • Hey all! Just an update on the Discord channel. A small handful of community members has joined so far. Screenshots have been shared and conversations have begun. It's cool to see it coming together! I just wanted to bump this thread a bit to say that I'm currently looking to add familiar names to the staff list for the channel. The only role we're really playing as staffers is to make sure spamming and trolling is dealt with when it needs to be. I'm not looking to create any kind of hierarchy or anything like that.

    If you're interested, PM me here and let me know your Discord name as well. I need people to PM me here to confirm their identity because anyone can put down any username in Discord itself.

    For those of you who have joined the channel, be sure to share it with your fellow Rising World players! It's not really going to serve a purpose if nobody joins it :P

    Thanks again, everyone! :D
  • Vortac wrote:

    Rising World Discord is still going strong! It's awesome to see how many people have joined, despite the lack of sharing on my part. I'm assuming word of mouth took over at some point. ;)
    I've not been on since I joined. I apologize, but I recently purchased a new microphone. It is on the way and will hopefully arrive around the middle of this coming week.
  • What's up, everyone? I haven't been here in some time but I wanted to post here and let everyone know that I've freshened up the Discord a bit. All the channels that were there remain, but now they're sorted into their own categories. It should be a lot more welcoming for anybody just joining. :)

    I could use a bit of help. I added a German section to the Discord because I felt bad that I never included that half of the community. I used Google Translate to create the entire thing though so I'm sure I screwed something up... If anyone here wanted to better guide me on how I'd write rules and what I would name channels I'd be happy for the help. I'd also be willing to add some German speaking moderators if that would also help.

    For fear of typing more incorrect messaging I don't want to advertise this Discord on that side of the forums, but if anybody wants to spread awareness it would be appreciated. :D
  • Vortac wrote:

    Was geht Leute? Ich habe hier nicht in einiger Zeit, aber ich wollte hier posten und lassen Sie alle wissen, dass ich die Querelen ein wenig aufgefrischt. Alle Kanäle, die dort waren bleiben, aber jetzt sind sie in ihre eigenen Kategorien sortiert. Es sollte nur Beitritt viel mehr einladend für jeden sein. :)

    Ich könnte ein bisschen Hilfe gebrauchen. Ich habe eine deutsche Sektion die Zwietracht, weil ich fühlte mich schlecht, dass ich nie, dass die Hälfte der Gemeinde enthalten. Früher habe ich Google übersetzen die ganze Sache zu schaffen, aber so bin ich sicher, ich etwas vermasselt ... Wenn jemand hier wollte besser leite mich, wie ich Regeln schreiben würde und was würde ich Kanäle nenne ich für die glücklich sein würde Hilfe. Ich würde auch bereit sein, einige deutschsprachigen Moderatoren hinzufügen, wenn das würde auch helfen.

    Aus Angst vor mehr falschen Messaging - Eingabe Ich möchte nicht diese Zwietracht werben auf der Seite der Foren, aber wenn jemand das Bewusstsein will es würde geschätzt verbreiten. : D

    Minotorious wrote:

    Hey VORTAC Willkommen zurück :)

    Ich konnte einen Blick auf die Deutsch Text haben , obwohl ich bin kein Muttersprachler (aber ich lebe dort: D). Wie dem auch sei vielleicht @Deirdre oder @lenko könnte auch einen kurzen Blick zu korrigieren :)
    Hey wenn ich die Zeit habe, kann ich gern etwas helfen, bei mir ist es eben genau anders rum. Mit dem Englisch ist Google mein bester Freund :D


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